George S.J. Anderson Releases SUNSET UNDER THE POET'S TREE

George S.J. Anderson Releases SUNSET UNDER THE POET'S TREE

Sunset under the Poet's Tree by George S.J. Anderson, the author of the 2001 Audie Award winning book "Seasons in Cancer", is a poignant but powerfully motivational memoir packed with life-changing insights and applicable wisdom-and suffused with hope and inspiration to cancer patients and those who are taking care of one. In this book, the author brings to the limelight the story of his wife, Lois A. Anderson, a remarkable woman who, in spite of the odds, not only survived for many years but also turned an ordeal that would have devastated most people into a shining example of what one person can do even when they are facing death.

This book is partly a biographic account of a very influential breast cancer survivor and advocate who changed the way breast cancer is addressed socially, scientifically and politically. However, it is also the fictional story of two people who are destined to be pulled apart by a toxic, volatile enemy. Both stories represent overcoming impossible barriers that eventually take their lives and the actions of those who love them in the aftermath. Sunset under the Poet's Tree, however, is not so much about breast cancer as it is about doing something extraordinary with life-changing challenges that confront both the real life characters and the fictional ones.

"When I wrote Sunset under the Poet's Tree, I didn't want it to be just another story about breast cancer. Certainly, the historical and factual events my late wife went through are extraordinary and fascinating but, even she would not want to be known as 'just' another breast cancer survivor. It is a story of her life, and it is a story about surviving something almost impossible to overcome and being remembered for it. As I was watching my wife deteriorate over the last year of her life, I began a fictional story which incorporated the same resolve of sacrifice and loss Lois was going through," expresses the author.

In Sunset under the Poet's Tree, Anderson has carefully written a moving, bold and eye-opening memoir that highlights the life of a remarkable woman who, in her short lifetime even with cancer raging through her body, took the chance and did everything-she not only fought her own personal battle with breast cancer but also fought the war against it- the heart of her advocacy. This book will remind the readers that the world moves on in a positive direction by the small acts of courage, commitment and sacrifice made every day by people they know nothing about.

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