GETTING WAISTED by Monica Parker is Available Now

GETTING WAISTED by Monica Parker is Available Now

"I was born in Glasgow, Scotland. I weighed six and a half pounds. One hour later I weighed sixty-two pounds. Alright, maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but only about the time. My fat cells did start expanding at warp speed from the minute I exited the womb. I have no idea what was in that milk but I've been on a slippery slope ever since..." And, so begins, GETTING WAISTED: A Survival Guide to BEING FAT in a Society That LOVES THIN (HCI -- $15.95), the ultimate anti-diet book. It's a book that speaks to everyone who can identify with having struggled over and over to lose weight only to gain it back time after time. And, as is apparent by the opening line, it's funny.

There are so many hustlers promising the fastest fix to a better new us. "I listened and I drank their elixirs and I became tiny." What they didn't tell the author, Monica Parker, is that it wouldn't last! An actor, writer and producer, Monica's story is funny and painful but it's also inspirational. She considers herself the poster woman for turning lemons into chocolate. We are all flawed, chipped and dented; which doesn't mean we're also not interesting, vital and sexy. "We must celebrate who we are as our mental health depends on it."

Ultimately, GETTING WAISTED is a funny and inspirational look at life through society's fun-house mirror. Bridging the divide between serial-dieter's survival guide and memoir, it takes the reader on Parker's bumpy ride from chunky baby to chunky adult, where every mouthful arrives loaded with calories and anxiety. Insanity is added to the mix when she moves to Beverly Hills, a town filled with women all running in circles like dogs chasing their tails as they try to get back to their original birth weight of six-an-a-half-pounds: a place where being fat is considered a criminal offense.

GETTING WAISTED is a hilarious and heartfelt memoir, a rallying cry for women everywhere to trade the Spanx for self-acceptance.

Available wherever books are sold or to order directly from the publisher, contact: or (800) 441-5569.
GETTING WAISTED: A Survival Guide to BEING FAT in a Society That LOVES THIN by Monica Parker
IBSN: 978-0-7573-1774-3-- $15.95

About the author:

Monica Parker is an actor, writer, and producer in theatre, television, and film, most notably All Dogs Go to Heaven. She was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, until the age of thirteen when she immigrated with her parents to Toronto, Canada. Monica is currently starring in her insightful and funny one woman show, Sex, Pies & A Few White Lies, which premiered in 2010. Monica has just completed two features already under option, and has a recurring role on ScyFy's Defiance. Monica lives with her long-time husband and saint, Gilles.

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