EMOTIONAL CORE THERAPY by Robert A. Moylan is Now Available

EMOTIONAL CORE THERAPY by Robert A. Moylan is Now Available

Counselor Robert A. Moylan, LCPC has discovered through twenty years of psychology research the simplest and most effective behavioral psychology approach currently available in the world to treat most relationship stress including addictions, depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, marital discord, sports psychology, and personality disorders. His book for adults, "Emotional Core Therapy" is currently the top rated book on in the category of "Mental Health" and "Emotions". His book for teens called, "Emotional Core Therapy for Adolescents" is ranked number 7 in the same category.

On you can find Moylan's radio interview/blog/ and video on Emotional Core Therapy. Included is a radio interview on his books and approach from world-renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Breggin, who has written 17 books on psychiatry and psychology. Moylan has also been featured on ESPN Radio, Addicted to Addicts Radio Show, and the Syd Miller Radio Show discussing ECT. Emotional Core Therapy was also spotlighted in the October issue of The Sober World magazine.

How does one test the validity of a psychology or self-help book? All you have to do is reflect on the ten most traumatic events in your life. Then write those events down on a sheet of paper. Once you have read the adult and/or teen version of Emotional Core Therapy (the process sinks in through repetition best) you can then process your ten stressful events through the ECT Flowchart. You will then have verified proof that ECT is the only behavioral psychology approach that is so simple you can use it for almost any relationship stress in your life. No other psychology approach or religious teaching, or educational process can claim these results. The psychology field is evolving and getting better every day. Moylan hopes that his ECT discovery will unite treatment providers at every level by bringing in a higher level of care. The helping professions can really benefit from having access to the best psychology models available. Moylan's goal is to keep on improving ECT and help minimize the damage that emotional stress can cause.

Up till now, the vast majority of therapists, counselors, social workers, psychiatrists, ministers, monks, priests, coaches have been relying on psychology techniques/approaches such as REBT, CBT, DBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Positive Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Motivational Interviewing, Positive Psychology, 12 Steps, even religious teachings such as Buddhism and Christianity to heal people.

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