Dr. Vincent N. Cefalu Sr. Releases ACHIEVING SO MUCH WITH SO LITTLE

May 22
6:21 2014
Dr. Vincent N. Cefalu Sr. Releases ACHIEVING SO MUCH WITH SO LITTLE

Hammond, La.

Dr. Vincent N. Cefalu Sr., a rural physician and coroner of a mid-sized Louisiana parish for 14 years, opens the book of his life to inspire the world of what positivity can do to achieving ultimate success in life. In his inspiring memoir titled "Achieving So Much With So Little," the author discusses many things from his family background to the difficulties he encountered while trying to achieve success. He also details the many interesting and unusual cases that he handled as coroner. This book promises to offer hope and inspiration to those who are also striving to achieve their life's ultimate goals.

In this book, the author explains how, with his pronounced limited academic ability, he managed to utilize both positive and detrimental factors from his early childhood to his advantage in order to accomplish ultimate success in life. "Achieving So Much With So Little" discusses the many hardships and hurdles he encountered on his seemingly impossible educational path. Along with these factors, he dealt with many other constant struggles-including his endless battle with bipolar illness. He, however, somehow managed to convert these deterrents into an incredibly advantageous situation whereby his ability to over-achieve and out-perform would make up the difference. Even one of his decisions to quit medical school turned out to be a very important impetus in his eventual success.

In "Achieving So Much With So Little," the author has written an equally engaging, inspirational and eye-opening narrative that will let the readers realize the truth that it is possible to make negative energies to positive reinforcements and achieve tremendous success.


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