Dozeman's THE WHITE HOUSE GAMES Predicts Winner of Presidential Election

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Dozeman's THE WHITE HOUSE GAMES Predicts Winner of Presidential Election

Disguised as a work of fiction, the novel THE WHITE HOUSE GAMES accurately predicted the choice of Paul Ryan as the GOP vice-presidential candidate. What will be even more intriguing for readers is that the same book has already revealed who will win the coming U.S. presidential elections.

In the novel, the vice-presidential candidate character is named Paul-Mark Rubyan, a minor alteration of the actual candidate's name.

"I made the prediction using elements of computational statistics," said author Say Dozeman. "Specifically, I used a math technique known as the Bayesian Information Criterion. But in the final analysis, it all boils down to the propensity of human beings to choose those with whom they have the deepest affinity. Thus, all the data pointed to the fact that Paul Ryan would be the best fit as Romney's vice-presidential pick.

"If anyone suspects that I changed the character's name after Ryan had been selected, he or she can check my novel's date of registration with the Library of Congress. It was registered months before Ryan was selected, when even the closest associates of Romney had no idea who would be chosen, and at a time when I suspect that even Mr. Romney himself wasn't entirely sure."

Dozeman continued, "The VP and presidential predictions aren't even the biggest bombshell predictions in my novel. The biggest prediction is something way more revolutionary; something on a much grander scale; something that will be like the second coming of the Founding Fathers. The biggest prediction is of something that will change the nature and character of American politics forever."

The first in a planned series of political novels, The White House Games tells the story of a group of ex-Navy SEALs who take matters into their own hands in order to change the direction of American politics. Taking a leaf from the Arab Spring movement of 2011, the SEALs embark on a once-in-a-lifetime mission. Combining special operations tactics with social-media power, the SEALs launch a revolution against the powers-that-be in a high-stakes game to create America 2.0.

"If I had to describe the flavor of my book, I'd say it's like a combination of The Hunger Games, Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice, all played out in a political arena," said Dozeman.

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