In his new bestselling novel "Destiny Deferred: A Love Story" (published by CrossBooks), Donnell H. Watts weaves fiction with reality as he looks back at his life and the decisions that made him who he is today.

The story's main character David is a troubled and insecure teen who has been sleepwalking through life without a worry or care; he believes that no one cares for him or ever will. Neither his friends nor family know about the hurt he feels every day and the battles he fights with himself to stay alive. With this mentality, David turns to pornography and drugs to ease the pain of living a hollow life.

Later, David discovers that he has a secret admirer and agrees to meet her. He quickly falls in love, seeing her as his escape from the unending hell that he has lived in the past 17 years. To David's surprise, his secret admirer also reciprocates his feelings of love, but he becomes wary since his hidden self could scare her away. After months of agonizing about her finding out whom he truly is, the couple is introduced to God's unconditional love and they marry shortly after.

David believes that this new path will help him escape his past and start anew, but his life takes a turn for the worst when he goes back to his old habits. As his new life begins to fall apart, he starts to question the choices he has made in life.

An excerpt from "Destiny Deferred":

"He called David and asked to meet with him. I was at work when he called and explained to me his concerns. I agreed to meet him after work at church. Later that evening when we met, he asked, "What's going on with you?" "I'm okay; I've been working long hours and feeling a bit stressed lately. I'm concerned about getting married and being a good husband." If he could have known what I was thinking, he would have known I had been getting high, fornicating, and lying for the past two months; in addition, my relationship with God was in the tank, Tamara was suspicious of my every move, and to boot there was a woman who gravitated to me like ocean tides under the moon."