Debra Jeane Houle Releases FACE READING FOR LOVE

Debra Jeane Houle Releases FACE READING FOR LOVE

Santa Monica, Calif.

Every aspect of a face and facial feature has meaning when it comes to Face Reading. The systematic art of Face Reading originated in ancient China more than 2,500 years ago when physicians read faces for the purpose of diagnosing health. Subsequently, they discovered that a face can reveal a person's character, strengths and Divine gifts. A professional face reader shares her interpretation of the art in a positive, nonjudgmental way in this fascinating, thought-provoking new book that focuses on relationships.

"Face Reading for Love" aims to help readers better understand their partner, date or lover. Author Debra Jeane Houle writes that knowing how features relate to personality can help one understand why a partner thinks, speaks, sees, hears and acts as he or she does. A desire to understand leads to greater understanding, and this can lead to more harmony and love in a relationship.

Those looking for love can look at the face for clues to another's desire for intimacy and emotional openness. The reader can look at a date's face shape and facial features to learn more about him or her. Those seeking a partner with specific physical traits can find out what these traits mean. For example, a wide jaw tells of stamina and strength and suggests a person rooted in his or her beliefs.

The author has a few things to say on the topic of cosmetic surgery. For example, the shape of the nose reveals an individual's work style, ambition and desire to lead. Here is a quote from the book: "When a person with a nose that naturally curves out changes it through surgery to a nose that curves in, don't be surprised if as a result he or she feels a bit confused."

Simple illustrations aid in translation. The book offers face reading basics, explains meanings of all features and describes how a person energetically expresses in the world according to the five Chinese elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

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