College Student Melanie Jett Pens THE CLEARING

College Student Melanie Jett Pens THE CLEARING

Nearly 60 percent of all young women have experienced abuse of some sort. Rather than seeking help, more often than not it will be a friend who is chosen as a confidant rather than any sort of guardian.

What responsibility does this confidant now carry in the welfare of their friend?

In Melanie Jett's new book, "The Clearing", readers will discover a story of one girl and two boys. It might seem like the usual teenage dilemma, but Jett gets to the heart of serious relatable matters.

"This is a novel about teenagers and dating, and it is written from a teenagers perspective," Jett said. "My hope is that those who read will get a better understanding of how to help those enduring abuse."

"The Clearing"
By Melanie Jett
ISBN: 978-1-4772-8603-6
Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and AuthorHouse online bookstores

About the Author

Melanie Jett is from rural West Virginia. Melanie Jett lives in rural West Virginia. She loves reading, writing, and being outside. She discovered her love of writing at a young age, and is often seen with a notebook and pencil. This is her first published novel.

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