Celestine Publishing Releases “The Return of Enoch”

Celestine Publishing Releases “The Return of Enoch”

Celestine Publishing ( announced its latest publication and first, full-length novel by Author, Vinny DiGirolamo, "The Return of Enoch." It is an end-of-days story that cannot be ignored and introduces new thinking about well-known historical events; like the origins of the Star of Bethlehem, and less known events like the translation of the city of Enoch in Old Testament times.

The "Bible" indicates that the prophet Enoch was a righteous man that walked with God and that he was reportedly taken into heaven without tasting death. Many call that being translated. Latter-day Saint scripture not only agrees with Enoch's translation, but adds the fact that his entire city, a city of righteous men, women and children was likewise translated. Not only was the city translated in whole, there are prophetic words in the book of "Moses" in their "Pearl of Great Price" that indicate it will one day return and will play a major role during the millennium.

"The Return of Enoch" is a fictional account of what could be and is rich with science, faith, religious artifacts and belief as a Presidential investigator, Mack Jefferies, works around the clock to get to the bottom of things as they relentlessly unfold before his eyes. From Tennessee to the White House, from Cheyenne Mountain to Independence, Missouri, follow the trail to know what the heavens have in store to prepare the earth for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

"The Return of Enoch" is available at Celestine Publishing, established in 2002, is based out of Raleigh, NC and is the publisher of the "Principles with Promise" series; topical guides that catalog thousands of scriptural doctrines and principles for Latter-day Saints, Catholics and the rest of the Christian world. Celestine's website also contains links to other nonfiction and fiction titles and several blog articles on a variety of scriptural, principle-centered and real world topics.

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