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The majority of you reading this are book lovers and supporters of your local independent bookstore. That makes you members of several communities. There's the community of your town or city, of which your store is an important part. Together with other locally owned businesses, your bookstore helps give your community a special character and serve its residents in ways no other businesses can. Because more of the money you spend at locally owned businesses stays in the community than money spent elsewhere, purchases at your local bookstore in a variety of ways support your local economy, schools, government, services, charities and other organizations.

You're also part of the community of readers who share a love of books. Like its counterparts across the country, your bookstore offers a range of entertaining, thought-provoking, instructive titles (as well as book-related items and, now at many stores, e-books and e-readers). Your store also hosts author appearances, sponsors book clubs and classes, and hosts other events and activities that enrich the reading experience and help maintain and expand the culture of books. (There's nothing quite like the opportunity to talk about books with other book lovers!) Your store's booksellers are some of the most knowledgeable book people in the world and can match your interests with books and help you to explore and discover new worlds of all kinds. They can also help find gifts for a range of relatives and friends.

So as you shop this season, remember the value of your local bookstore--and other local businesses. They're easy to support: just shop there regularly and buy many of your holiday gifts there. The staff will happily speak with you in person and help you find the most thoughtful, tangible, personal gift--a book!

Happy holidays! --John Mutter

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