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  1. "Nine O'Clock"
  2. "Tonight at Eight"
  3. "Tomorrow"
  4. "About a Quarter to Nine"
  5. "Sunday Morning, Breakfast Time"

If you're like me, you quickly eliminated C (Annie) and D (42nd Street) and whined over the remaining answers (It's A, just in case you didn't know).

Frankos divides the rest of the book into scenes: Act 1 has three scenes, each devoted to over a dozen composers, lyricists, choreographers, ensembles and famous performers. After an intermission devoted to food, drink and a few mini-quizzes, she moves on to Act 2.

The second act may seem less impressive. Its topics are all over the map, rather than tied together by a person or time period. But the degree of difficulty does not lessen:

Q: What do Face the Music, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Big and 70, Girls, 70 have in common?

A: All have songs about coffee.

Do you see what I mean? This is just insane.

The Broadway Musical Quiz Book could be the start of many a cocktail party or college course. It can solve mysteries, settle bets and enlighten the masses. Its contents will certainly be the subject of lively conversations and good-natured debates. But no matter the level of your knowledge, every reader can agree on the answer to one of the Jerry Orbach questions in Act 2:

Q: In 42nd Street, when Julian Marsh, played by the late, great Jerry Orbach, implores Peggy Sawyer, played by Wanda Richart, to not go back to Allentown, what does he tell her are the two most glorious words in the English language?

A: Musical comedy.

How right he was.

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