Author Rick Chiantaretto Re-Releases Facade of Shadows

Author Rick Chiantaretto Re-Releases Facade of Shadows

Salt Lake City, Utah

BernardBooks announced today that award-winning author Rick Chiantaretto, who only releases a book on Friday the 13th, has revisited his writing roots with his first novel Facade of Shadows and re-released the novel with a new blanket of edits since the book was fist discovered and released when he was in high school.

"This book was my high school novel that was picked up by a small press. Getting it published so young was really inspiring at that age. This novel is often a point of interest for teachers and educators, and inspiring to youth," said Rick Chiantaretto. "Since releasing my second novel, Death of the Body, a dark fantasy, my fans have clamored for more and so I decided to re-edit with a fresh face and re-release it, while maintaining the juvenile tone and feel to stay true to the young adult genre."

Facade of Shadows is available at Amazon.

Praise for Facade of Shadows
"Rick Chiantaretto might be a name new to you, but you will definitely run across his name again. An emerging writer who works with old myths and legends and folklore of a spiritual nature, Rick manages to weave entertaining and telling tales. Keep an eye out for Rick Chiantaretto." ~Nancy Kilpatrick, author of The Goth Bible: A Compendium for the Darkly Inclined.

"A unique and entertaining mix of classic vampire lore and Egyptology with a healthy dose of Buffy and Blade. From a small-town school to the middle of the Sahara desert and beyond, this ambitious and expansive novel will take you on a journey from normality to the edge of oblivion, and leave you gasping for breath." ~David Moody, author of AUTUMN and HATER.

Rick Chiantaretto's dark fantasy Death of the Body was chosen as one of Indie AuthorLands' "50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading" for 2013/2014.