Author June N.m. Debuts With NEVER LOVE THE PRINCESS

Author June N.m. Debuts With NEVER LOVE THE PRINCESS

Luke and Laurie must find it in their hearts to lower their guards and let love into their lives. Will they accept each other completely before it is too late? From author June N.M. comes an unforgettable story of love between two people who are given a second chance to write their story with her new publication, "Never Love the Princess."

Luke Trigg does not wait for anyone. The first girl to push him away is his new employee Laurie Brinkle. He always wonders if he can break her wall of resistance. Surely, once he breaks over the wall, he can forget all about her, same as the others who have fallen so easily into his bed. But she offers intriguing rules. The surprising exchange with Laurie leaves him wanting more each time he sees the fascinating woman.

Finally, Laurie Brinkle moved on after a bad marriage. Or did she? Relationships are more of an inconvenience, and she sees them as a constant struggle to keep men happy. One man seems to push for more than she is willing to comprehend. Things she has pushed to the far corners of her mind have suddenly been brought front and center. Will it be too late for them if she can't open up completely?

A captivating blend of romance, drama and erotica, this book provides readers with a compelling tale that explores the downside of abuse and emotional pain. Luke and Laurie's story is inspirational, vividly portraying a journey between two people who are not willing to give in to emotional ties. It is a thrilling experience for readers to join them as they come to terms as to what they really want and finally realize the essence of commitment and love in every relationship.

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