Author GP Taylor Claims Schools Should Stop Teaching Shakespeare and Give Them Adrian Mole Instead

May 6
12:58 2014
Author GP Taylor Claims Schools Should Stop Teaching Shakespeare and Give Them Adrian Mole Instead

Best-selling author GP Taylor, whose work includes Shadowmancer, has urged the Government to replace William Shakespeare's plays for more modern works on the curriculum. He argues that teenagers cannot relate to the Bard. Taylor describes Shakespeare as 'dry' and says that more up-to-date books would ensure younger generations become enchanted with reading.

In Taylor's home county of Yorkshire figures show that children are less likely to master the basics in reading and writing than those anywhere else in the country. Taylor says a major problem is the books the students are asked to study. He says, "Young people tell me that it is a real pain for them and I think it puts them off." He continues to say, "Not just Shakespeare, but it puts them off books in general. The language and the context is just not relevant to them and often they study it without the performance, so it's just dry."

Taylor goes on to say that, '"Nobody will want to criticise Shakespeare because he is the nation's Bard but when I visit schools young people tell me that reading Shakespeare is a pain." and that, "The key is to get them to read about things which are relevant to their lives."

Taylor believes that books from more modern authors, like Sue Townsend's Adrian Mole books should be taught in lessons. He also feels that the Government should fund schools so that they can bring writers into the classroom to inspire the students. He says, "Authors are storytellers, they know how to get people interested in the story and I find that even when we are saying the same things as the teachers pupils will be more open to us as we are not their teacher." He goes on to say that, "Funding schools to ensure every pupil has the chance to meet authors and work with them. It makes a huge difference. I see it myself and in other authors I speak to do as well."

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