Author Carol Anne Leathers Leads the Compelling Journey Towards a New Life

Author Carol Anne Leathers Leads the Compelling Journey Towards a New Life

Child abuse is indeed one of the most controversial topics that must be addressed with utmost sensitivity. An article posted recently by The Independent revealed how the Archbishop of Canterbury issued his apologies to child abuse victims after an inquiry by his own office found "fresh and disturbing" allegations against members of the clergy. Statistics taken from National Child Abuse Statistics/Childhelp indicate that "a report of child abuse is made every ten seconds; more than five children die every day as a result of child abuse. Child abuse occurs at every socioeconomic level, across ethnic and cultural lines, within all religions and at all levels of education. About thirty percent of abused and neglected children will later abuse their own children, continuing the horrible cycle of abuse." In line with this, a book titled DO OVER explores the motivating story of a brave woman who overcame childhood abuse and various personal struggles in her life and came out of them stronger and more resilient. Inspired from author Carol Anne Leathers' life story, this insightful book shares a myriad of life lessons about the unwavering strength of the human spirit and the will to survive amidst all the chaos and strife that life offers.

This is a story about wishing for a life different from what one has, a life that is far from what one has lived and having a chance to a renewed experience. Encouraging and eye-opening, DO OVER is a story of self discovery, where the invigorated spirit emerges from the ashes of darkness and excruciating pain.

In this book, readers will encounter a small-town girl who lived her entire life in Maine. Reb's capricious journey towards enlightenment is not at all a walk in the park. Her traumatic experiences as a child haunt her and she had to learn how to confront the demons of her past, but doing so is not going to be easy, for being haunted for half a lifetime has trapped her in an intricate web of struggles and pain. Nevertheless, Reb realizes that no one else can save her but herself. Thus, she ventures out into the unknown, risking her comfort zones, without knowing where the road would take her.

A story of faith, honesty, acceptance and love, this book serves as a beacon of hope for all those who, like Reb, survived the trauma of childhood abuse.

Carol Anne Leathers lives with her husband in Maine.