Author Amy Stewart: 'Journey Through the Chakras: Find Your Pot of Gold'

August 2
9:30 2014
Author Amy Stewart: 'Journey Through the Chakras: Find Your Pot of Gold'

Author Amy Stewart believes that learning how to look at life with the innocence of a child is instrumental in unlocking the wisdom of all healing.

Created from a poem written for her young son, her new book is a scriptural guide that offers insight into the chakra system by combining eastern and western philosophies with a whimsical tale about a child who is shown the interconnectedness of life.

"The Living Rainbow" teaches children and adults about intuition, connecting to our higher self, and the importance of learning how to process life's experiences in a healthy manner.

"There is a divine unity among all walks of Life and this book is my first published contribution to filling in the gap between science and spirituality and introducing the concept of how our emotions affect our physical wellbeing to our children," said Stewart.

"The Living Rainbow" is a practical tool that will allow parents to reawaken their inner child and develop new communication skills for connecting with their children and family on a deeper, more meaningful level.

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