Alisha R. Kaiser Announces Spiritual Awakening in New Book

Alisha R. Kaiser Announces Spiritual Awakening in New Book

Weed, Calif.

Writing the overview of her own spiritual awakening, author Alisha R. Kaiser shares her "Journey Through the Sol" in the hopes that it will awaken readers' desire to ascertain the meaning of their life purpose from the soul's perspective and provide a blueprint to discover what that purpose is.

"Journey Through the Sol" takes the reader beyond the preliminary works of the 'Celestine Prophecy' and Carlos Castaneda to a vision that opens the mysteries of the cosmos revealing the universal blueprint of creation through the super conscious, where reality truly exists. The story takes shape around a clarion call to action from Eternal Spirit to twelve-star systems within the Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxies. Those who answered the call would act as emissaries of light to anchor in a new reality known as the Golden Age of light and love.

The mission would entail a great transformation of the star's blueprint enabling it to undergo a planetary evolution that would awaken the planetary dream and its relationship with the Cosmos. The real life adventure begins when Eya journeys to earth and awakens her soul memory through dreams, visions and telepathic guidance surrounding coinciding life events. The awakening culminates into a multi-dimensional soul vision entwined with earth's destiny revealing man's purpose on a universal scale.

As simple as a road map for those who want a closer relationship with nature and a spirit and consciousness that will support it, this book offers a unique spiritual perspective based on past and current changes to unravel reader's future potentials individually and collectively.