ALEC LUCKE is Released

ALEC LUCKE is Released

All over the world large, mining companies have been exploiting the earth's natural resources with reckless abandon, and paying little heed to the consequences of their actions. For decades, these companies have drilled all over the world and have destroyed farmlands essential to the livelihoods of a multitude of farmers. In "Road to Exploitation," long time activist and author Alec Lucke has written an eye opening account of the struggles he and his fellow landowners have experienced in their fight against the exploitation of their farmlands.

This book is a partly autobiographical, human interest story about affected landholders of small communities polarized by the transitioning from farming due to the establishment of major industry and mining projects within the Greater Gladstone area of Central Queensland, Australia. It shows how at Mount Larcom, the landowner's worst fears were crystallized when impacts from an open cut mine resulted in property devaluation, widespread water depletion, buyout and enforced lifestyle changes that hastened the demise of farming. "Road to Exploitation" examines the role and performance of the State, public good versus the private right, the contributions of individuals, the dynamics of protest groups and the lowered expectations of those not benefitting.

It is an in-depth look at the struggles and obstacles these landowners suffered due to the duplicitous nature of the politicians that were meant to protect their interests. "Road to Exploitation" is a truly inspiring read that shows how anyone can make a difference, if one only has the courage and determination to persist.

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