While a lot of ladies wore designer lipsticks, compact powders, mascaras, amongst so many others as daily make-up, Oluwasimisola was forced to permanently be teary-eyed while wearing her snotty nose. She is not blessed with a perfect family and a blissful childhood but she believed that through the entire struggle that she was forced to face, keeping her head up was all the courage she needed. It had made her stronger and better than before. "Yesterday's Pages" follows Oluwasimisola Jaxson and her quest to find her purpose in life. On the time that she attempts to elude herself, she ran into experiences which helped her discover her true self and appreciate the power to create a dream, believe in it and work towards making it a reality. Will Oluwasimisola finally have the guts to follow her dreams despite the hurdles that seem unending?

This book emphasizes the importance of having a dream and the power to realize it. It narrates that the strongest people in life are those who stand tall despite the hurdles in their lives. Failure is not failing at what one does; it is accepting the title "failure," wallowing in it, and making it a comfort zone. Turns out that disbelieving in the power of one's dreams and failing to pursue them with a passion is the worst form of failure. After all, success does not only come with a price; it has determination glued to it; they are intertwined.

The author believes that being a woman has never meant being less important and living with a disability does not give one an excuse to be a liability. Carim hopes that all women should stand tall and be proud of who and what she is. They should never be afraid of pursuing what they want and stand tall in realizing it. After all, life never promised anyone perfection. It only promised to give one a chance which will eventually allow him or her to make decisions that will reshape who he or she is negatively or positively. Truth is, most successful people today did not make it easily. They fell, dusted themselves up, and tried again more than a couple of times. The trick is fixing one's gaze on the prize and not the present circumstances. If one knows where he or she is heading, failure will not set him or her back.

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