A Visually Driven Journey to Self Acceptance

May 18
9:03 2014
A Visually Driven Journey to Self Acceptance

Good Puppy is pleased to announce the publication of "Pretty Seeley." Written and illustrated by Marina Tito, "Pretty Seeley" illuminates the gentle journey to self-acceptance and self-love.

Seeley is a little girl with a spot on her nose. While a source of embarrassment for her, Seeley's intriguing imperfection doesn't seem to bother her cat, Mao. The wide-eyed cat, the friend we all want and the friend we should all aspire to be, sees Seeley's spot as a reflection of her inner beauty.

Mao believes the spot is a shadow a butterfly left behind and proposes a search for the allusive creature. The journey guides Seeley into a new understanding. The story reframes a seemingly negative attribute by giving it a positive and deeper meaning, helping Seeley and the reader reprioritize and smile at their old frame of mind while thinking... - Yes, that was Pretty Seeley.

"Pretty Seeley" is available on iBooks, Kindle and in print, through Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other national and international retailers. For more information, visit


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