Wicked Opera House, limited view seating

Hi, has anyone sat in the "limited view" seats at the boston opera house? Is it worth the money or should I just go for balcony seats since they are the same price. Do you think if I called the opera house to ask if I would get a truthful answer?
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Hello, I sat in limited view for Book of Mormon and Les Mis. Depending on how close you are you will miss a little bit on the sides. There are some limited view seats at the Opera House where you won't miss anything. They tend to be the last couple of rows. If you don't want to miss any of the action I would say go for the Balcony but if you don't mind missing a little bit get these seats. They are really close and you can look at the people in the next section over and laugh at them because they paid $200 bucks for their seats. I hope you have a blast. I've got limited view seats for the 9th...can't wait!!!! I'll try and take a picture when I'm there if you will be go later in the run!!!

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