What is your career/major

What is your career/major#1
Posted: 7/7/14 at 2:58pm
I know we all love to watch shows but I'm just interested. What did you study and end up doing as your career? Are you working in theatre at all?

If you're still studying then what are you studying?
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What is your career/major#2
Posted: 7/7/14 at 3:03pm
majored in graphic design

working as a copy editor
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What is your career/major#2
Posted: 7/7/14 at 3:05pm
I'll bite. I was a theater major at Brandeis (in the distant past) and a theater design grad at Yale Drama School. I've ended up a Production Designer in films, but I'd give anything to be designing theater again.
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What is your career/major#3
Posted: 7/7/14 at 3:08pm
I have a BA in Fine Arts w/ a concentration in creative writing and I am the billing clerk for a steal company. Also, my first novel is in the proofreading process.
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What is your career/major#4
Posted: 7/7/14 at 3:51pm
I have a BM in Music Ed, a BFA in Dance, and a brand spankin' new MM in Music Education. I work at a coffee store. Why, oh, why did I think education was a "smart" career choice?
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What is your career/major#5
Posted: 7/7/14 at 3:54pm
I have a BA in Sociology, an MS in Urban Affairs and I currently work as an Executive Assistant/Social Media Manager in the North American development/alumni relations office of a European university.
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What is your career/major#6
Posted: 7/7/14 at 4:01pm
BA in Comparative Lit, MFA in Creative Writing (fiction concentration), PhD in Literature (concentration in American Literature and Poetry since 1945).

I'm a college professor (literature generalist) and writer.

I actually began college as a theatre major, but I changed to comp lit by the end of my freshman year.
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What is your career/major#7
Posted: 7/7/14 at 4:06pm
I just got my BA in Theater with a minor in Sociology this past May and I'm currently applying for internships at a bunch of the non-profit theaters in NYC.
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What is your career/major#8
Posted: 7/7/14 at 4:10pm
My username pretty much explains it, but BA in English and MS in Secondary Ed. Currently teaching English and running the school's drama club.
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Fire and Music
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Chorus Member
What is your career/major#9
Posted: 7/7/14 at 4:15pm
I'm currently majoring in musical theatre (BA) and minoring in dance. I've been focusing on finishing my degree, so I mostly just pick up cabaret gigs every now and then. The ultimate goal is performing for a living, but I also intend to teach classes.
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What is your career/major#10
Posted: 7/7/14 at 4:16pm
Major: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Certificates in Accounting and Economics - my College (now a University) did not have "minors" at the time.

Profession: Chief Financial Officer for an I.T. Company in NYC that services financial companies and non-profits.

Theatrical Accomplishment: Professional Audience Member

Edit: Hardly worth mentioning but I did satisfy the itch...I was in an off off broadway play that was limited to I think 5 performances. Was fun. I got to try it but don't feel the need to be on the stage. Enjoy watching more though it was a rush.
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What is your career/major#11
Posted: 7/7/14 at 4:40pm
BA: political science and dance
MS: cultural geography
MA: education

I did one season on a cruise ship and several regional performances before I realized I couldn't make a living dancing, I then worked for a brief time in historic preservation planning for a major museum group, but was let go when the economy crashed. Started substitute teaching in 2010 and got certification in 2013. I worked at an amazing school in a wonderful district last year, but I was pink slipped in May and doubt I will be called back.

So I'm now an unemployed middle school social studies teacher.
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What is your career/major#12
Posted: 7/7/14 at 4:52pm
Education: BA in English and Dramatic Studies

Profession: Program Development for Disney Television, then Program Development for all Viacom networks, and now a freelance Consultant for numerous television production companies

Aside from working with Disney, the closest I have gotten to professionally working in theatre was serving as a supervising producer for MTV's broadcast of the Legally Blonde musical. An absolute blast, even though the show itself was not the greatest.
What is your career/major#13
Posted: 7/7/14 at 5:08pm
Education: In the middle of getting my Kinesiology degree.

Career: Artist in Cirque du Soleil.
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What is your career/major#14
Posted: 7/7/14 at 5:21pm
Double major in Graphic Design (BFA) and Media and Communication Studies

Hopes to be: A Graphic Designer or a Show Writer (That's a term for story development for rides and shows) in Disney Imagineering and a Casting Director
Broadway Shows: Phantom of the Opera (January 2011), Mary Poppins (January 2011), Anything Goes (August 2011, W/ Sutton Foster, Joel Grey, and Laura Osnes), The Lion King (August 2011), Godspell (June 2012, W/ Corbin Bleu), Matilda the Musical (Original Broadway Cast, May 2013), Newsies (May 2013), Cinderella (W/ Carly Rae Jepsen and Fran Drescher, May 2014), and Aladdin (OBC, May 2014). Pre-Broadway: If/Then (November 2013/World Premiere, W/ Idina Menzel, LaChanze, and Anthony Rapp). National Tours: Wicked (October 2012), Beauty & the Beast (January 2013), & Jersey Boys (November 2013)

Met Idina Menzel & Sierra Boggess (November 2013)
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What is your career/major#15
Posted: 7/7/14 at 5:25pm
I have both bachelors and masters degrees in art education. I taught art for 25 years in Jersey City. That was a brilliant career in that I have pension and lifelong medical benefits.

Since teaching, I've had several other professions: photographer, actor, theater manager, legal proofreader, retail salesperson, designer and manufacturer of fashion tote bags, employment agency counselor. That's all I can think of for now.

Now retired and never so happy!

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What is your career/major#16
Posted: 7/7/14 at 5:28pm
BA in English with a concentration in Theatre

Currently working in theatrical marketing
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What is your career/major#17
Posted: 7/7/14 at 5:31pm
BA in Media Studies, minor in Women's Studies

Recently graduated and currently interning at a non-profit theater in Philadelphia, and hoping to soon make the move to NYC to pursue a career in casting or literary management.
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What is your career/major#18
Posted: 7/7/14 at 5:38pm
BFA - Acting
MA - Teaching

I've been a high school drama & film teacher/director/choreographer for over 20 years.

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What is your career/major#19
Posted: 7/7/14 at 5:46pm
BFA in Studio art with a concentration in painting.
I'm currently the marketing director and graphic artist for a theater.
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What is your career/major#20
Posted: 7/7/14 at 6:01pm
BA (hons): English & History

Assoc Degree: Nursing

Working in nursing 30+ yrs including stints on cruise ships and a decade of set nursing.
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What is your career/major#21
Posted: 7/7/14 at 6:20pm
BA: English Lit
BA: Theatre Arts
MA: English (dissertation topic: Compositional Pedagogy and its application towards crafting musical theatre)
MA-level Certification: Women, Gender and Queer Studies

I currently work as a full-time database manager for this very site, in addition to work as a non-Equity professional actor and staff librettist, lyricist and composer for a regional theatre's new works division. I'm always a bit of a dilettante, looking constantly to move up in the world in new artistic and professional/academic outlets.
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Cupid Boy2
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What is your career/major#22
Posted: 7/7/14 at 6:22pm
I'm currently majoring in actuarial mathematics and plan on working as an actuary post-graduation. My only form of involvement in the theatre is as an audience member, but I've been tossing around the idea of picking up a minor in English or journalism with the hope of being able to get into critiquing on the side one day.
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What is your career/major#23
Posted: 7/7/14 at 6:41pm
BA: English with a Creative Writing concentration (Capstone project: "The Dominance of Women in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables")
MA: English with a Creative Writing concentration (thesis: a collection of short fiction involving the relevancy of ballet)

And I currently have two part time jobs: one as a sales associate at one of the national parks and another as a house manager for two theatres in New Orleans. The latter is especially cool given I first saw the Saenger Theatre as a kid, fell in love with it, and now I work there. :-p
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What is your career/major#24
Posted: 7/7/14 at 7:21pm
BA Musical Theatre (sounds strange, I know, but at the time the school offered the degree through the Individualized Major Program, thus the BA-it's since turned into a BFA)

MS Theatre Education. After close to a decade of working in the business (regionally and on ships) I decided to go back to school and get a master/teaching certificate and I couldn't be happier. Doing theatre is great, but it wore me out and I got tired of having to constantly look for work. Teaching kids to do what I love is wonderful. You still get to live in the world of theatre, but in a much more stable/steady paycheck kind of way.
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What is your career/major#25
Posted: 7/7/14 at 7:25pm
Math major with a theater minor, Masters in Theatre Management. Working as the finance manager for a major nonprofit theatre company in NYC.

I am an anomaly when it comes to nonperformers the theatre industry, in that I actually ended up doing exactly what my degree is in. It seems like everyone I have ever worked with fell into it after studying something else.
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