Idina Menzel Lifts `If/Then’ Cast Album To Smashing Billboard Debut

Idina Menzel continues to show star-power, with the release of the original Broadway cast album of If/Then opening on the Billboard 200 chart at number 19. It’s the best debut since the release of the cast album of Rent in 1996 — which also starred Menzel. That Pulitzer Prize-winning show also debuted at number 19, though the comparative numbers are revealing bout the state of the music industry: Rent sold 43,000 albums to achieve that number, while If/Then had to move only 15,000 units to achieve the same ranking, for the week ending June 8, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Menzel, the voice of Elsa and the hit song “Let It Go” from Disney’s blockbuster Frozen, was a Tony nominee for If/Then (as she was for Rent) and won a huge following for her Tony-winning portrayal of green-visaged Elphaba in the original 2004 Broadway cast of Wicked (and that time, she won the Tony). The soundtrack to Frozen remains 2014?s top-selling album, with 2.6 million sold this year, of its 2.9 million to date according to Billboard.

Idina continues to slay.

Updated On: 6/11/14 at 06:35 PM
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It won't take long for.the naysayers to they can crap all over her latest achievement. Haters gonna hate.
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I LOVE the score & obviously my QUEEN. I've had "Always Starting Over" on replay ever since I saw her tony performance. Heard it about 60 times as of now. I find it better than The Bridges of Madison County.. (my opinion)
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Totally agree. Both scores have their strengths, but I enjoy the If/Then score more.
"I find it better than The Bridges of Madison County.. (my opinion)"

Oh God, here we go lol.
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Why do people keep insisting on comparing Bridges and If/Then?!?
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If haters are gonna hate, and I have been one of the negative voices on these boards against IF/THEN so I guess that counts as me, I'll happily say the OBCR is much better than the show itself and the score, such as it is, is given a very good presentation on album. Menzel moves units, as they say in the music biz, and I'm happy for Broadway in general to see cast albums climb the charts. Now let's see if IF/THEN has the kind of cultural moment that BOOK OF MORMON had, reaching #3 on the chart at its peak if I recall correctly, or the staying power that WICKED and JERSEY BOYS have shown by staying strong in sales over time. I'd be happy for Kitt/Yorkey and all involved if it does!
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It's impressive how much Idina's star power can do right now. Glad for her and everyone involved in If/Then. I've seen the show twice, and I don't think it's good enough to stand on its own without Idina. She's incredible in the role, the show not so much.
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I liked the show, but didn't love it. I LOVE the cast album. Happy for Idina.

and Jenn Colella's voice is insane.
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Jazzinator, I 100% agree with you.
Anything regarding shows stated by this account is an attempt to convey opinion and not fact.
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It is totally Idina. The creative team owes her a ton-she's keeping this clunker afloat. She's a force of nature and is wonderful on this recording. The score is lackluster, except for a few songs.

"What The Eff" is one of the laziest, most pandering songs ever written. Saddens me this is the current state of writing for theatre.
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