The Illusionists at the Marquis 11/26-1/4

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At least this give The Bodyguard the opportunity to open in the Spring.
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I am wondering if this will go the way of Il Divo, or if people will be in to it. I for one plan on seeing it, but I am a closet magic geek.
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Mr Roxy
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Will they saw Ben Brantley in half and misplace the boxes? One can hope.
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That explains something. I got the brochure for our local touring schedule for next year, and it included The Illusionists, saying it was "direct from Broadway." I didn't have a clue what that was referring to, but it now makes sense.
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glad to hear this. At least we won't have to wait almost a year for something to go back into the Marquis.
A Chorus Line played its final Broadway performance on August 17, 2008. The tour played its final performance on August 21, 2011. A new non-equity tour started in October 2012 played its final performance on March 23, 2013.
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Oh my god. This is part of The Kimmel Center in Philadelphia’s “Broadway” season and they have been billing it as “DIRECT FROM BROADWAY” to which I responded on social media, “Um, no.” Turns out it *WILL* be direct from Broadway. Still gross tho
What a colossal piece of crap! It'll probably run for years.
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Magic show? I'm there.

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