A Chorus Line - OBC

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A Chorus Line - OBC
Posted: 3/17/14 at 08:09pm
I was thinking about the original A Chorus Line cast and their success after the show.

I think the most recognizable cast member is Kelly Bishop (Sheila). She had a quick break out when she scored a supporting role in An Unmarried Woman. And of course more recently she had success on The Gilmore Girls.

Of course Donna McKechnie (Cassie) continued performing. She can also be seen in a bit part in an episode of Cheers where Carla cracks a joke that she's Sam's ex-wife.

Priscilla Lopez (Morales) shows up now and then on tv.

And Nancy Lane (Bebe) shows up in several episodes of Rhoda doing a really great kooky character Tina Molinari.

Did any of the guys in the show do any high profile work after ACL?
Nancy Lane On Rhoda
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A Chorus Line - OBC
Posted: 3/17/14 at 08:37pm
Looks like that episode of Rhoda was directed by the ex-Mr. Chita Rivera
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A Chorus Line - OBC
Posted: 3/17/14 at 08:57pm
Wayne Cilento (Mike) has had a successful career as a choreographer. He has choreographed/staged Wicked, Aida, the '95 revival of How to Succeed, The Who's Tommy, among others.
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A Chorus Line - OBC
Posted: 3/17/14 at 09:22pm
Robert LuPone helps produce a bunch of plays, correct? I know I looked him up when I saw Conversations with Patti LuPone and she mentioned her brother in A Chorus Line (and her crossing the black line on the stage story).
A Chorus Line - OBC
Posted: 3/17/14 at 09:58pm
Ron Kuhlman (Don) played Philip Covington III aka Mr. Jan Brady in "The Brady Brides," "A Very Brady Christmas," and "The Bradys."
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A Chorus Line - OBC
Posted: 3/17/14 at 10:54pm
Let's not forget that the late Thommie Walsh was Tommy Tune's associate choreographer for many of his shows.
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A Chorus Line - OBC
Posted: 3/19/14 at 01:20am
"Priscilla Lopez (Morales) shows up now and then on tv."
And there was her Tony winning turn in "A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine." And being in the original company of "Nine." And three years in a major role in "In the Heights." Plus being JLo's mom in some movie I don't remember.