Encores! Student Code

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Encores! Student Code
Posted: 1/28/14 at 11:07am
I was asked about this, but I think Encores! phased out its student code a while ago. Does anyone know for sure?
Billy Bigelow
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Encores! Student Code
Posted: 1/30/14 at 11:46am
Bumping because I'm curious about the answer as well.
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Encores! Student Code
Posted: 1/31/14 at 10:50am
The P2P code? I was wondering about this, as well.
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Encores! Student Code
Posted: 2/1/14 at 10:57am
According to the people I've spoken with at the box office, they typically wait to see if a particular Encores production is selling well or not before sending out a P2P code (last year they waited until the week of for Fiorello and the week before for Superman). They said as of right now it is unlikely one will pop up for Little Me. For the other Encores shows this season, who knows?
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