Fantasia sings Stormy Weather at Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party

Fantasia was the final live act at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party last Saturday. It was after midnight when she took the stage.

Her rendition of Stormy Weather below brought down the house, and media coverage of the event raved about her performance. Fantasia's style may not be for everyone, but as a fan, I loved it.
Stormy Weather
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She's wonderful in AFTER MIDNIGHT. I keep hoping she'll release an album of standards.
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Why does she pronounce Stormy as Schtormy? It's kind of distracting.
(But I did like her in After Midnight.)
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Liza has been doing it for years and no one complains when she does it.

I also love the song from THE ACT: "City Lights"..but Liza pronounces it "Sh!tty Lights".
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I liked her Stormy Weather, but didn't love it. Can't deny that the girl can sing, though. She's really good.
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Liza was the first person I thought of when I saw After Midnight recently. Fantasia was fine, but I found her tattoos to be very distracting.
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Is she always that disconnected to the lyrics?

She has style out the wazoo and a terrific voice, but it doesn't seem like she understands one syllable of what she's singing.
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I think the camera angle at the beginning made her look as if she was smiling. Later, she's admittedly playing a little bit--akin to a jazz instrumentalist riffing on a melody. It was her time to have fun. She sings it differently on Broadway.

But I think this performance is precisely why legends such as Aretha Franklin, Barbara Cook, and Patti LaBelle love her. She is completely fearless as a live performer. In a manner of a few minutes, she had the audience in the palm of her hand.

One of Fantasia's trademarks is that she is very connected to the lyrics. Just google Fantasia and "I'm Here." I don't believe there is another singer alive, including LaChanze, who is capable of delivering the song as well as Fantasia.

Regarding Liza, that makes me laugh because I'm a fan of hers, too. I can see how her pronunciation and antics might turn off some people (as they do with Fantasia), but I love her style.

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