On the Town Revival

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On the Town Revival
Posted: 10/17/13 at 12:48am
Apparently there is a revival of On the Town being planned for early 2014. The casting notices for a dance lab/workshop in December and subsequent full production for next year went out today. John Rando is directing and Josh Bergasse is choreographing.
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On the Town Revival
Posted: 10/17/13 at 02:42am
I simply love this show. It's one of my favorite directing gigs. I have done it twice and talk about complex score. One of my fondest moments in all of my career was coming into the first orchestra read through and seeing twenty-five of the best musicians, gathered around the conductor's podium, trying to figure out how to conduct the single bar of 1/1 in one of the dance numbers (damn Bernstein.) And this number had time signatures like 11/12 and such. Finally, the first trumpet suggested "nipple poke" which made some of the ladies blush and got a few laughs. Sure enough, each night, the conductor would stab at the air with his left finger when we got to that note.

And half the musicians could be heard to be snickering in the pit.
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On the Town Revival
Posted: 10/17/13 at 03:38am
Great news! Excellent show to bring back, will need some names tho to pack in a large theatre .... I'm wondering if they've been offered the Neil Simon ?!
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On the Town Revival
Posted: 10/17/13 at 07:44am
Working on a production of On the Town right now! I can't wait to se where this goes!
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On the Town Revival
Posted: 10/17/13 at 08:09am
John Rando and Josh Bergasse did the production this summer at the Barrington Stage Company that featured Tony Yazbeck and a perfect cast.

It got an incredible rave from Brantley in the New York Times. I've put it at the below.

I was over the moon about it.
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