Could Kerry Washington be successful on Broadway?

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I know she was on Broadway in 2009, but her career has sky-rocketed since then. So, do you think she could be successful?
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I think she is a star and would be incredibly well received in the right part.
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Didn't see Race, but I think I remember reading she was dull. For those who saw it, was it her or the part?
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She was HORRENDOUS in Race.
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I was a big fan of Race but it is true that Washington / the character was a weak link in the production. The role itself is both incredibly meaty and arguably the most important. The character is on the sidelines for much of the first act, though, and Washington didn't get to sink her teeth into the material until it was almost too late. There were some glimpses of a good performance from her, but nothing compared to what she has turned in in Django or Scandal.

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Do you think the issue was that she's just better suited for film?
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She wasn't terrible in RACE. As usual, Mamet wrote a pitifully unbelievable female character that no actor could execute well. Washington did all she could. I'd love to see what she could do with a real role, but I'm happy to have her on SCANDAL.
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I'll admit that I didn't see RACE, but I would love to see her on stage, plus she's got the star appeal that would clearly sell tickets..
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Yeah, I don't think her work in RACE should be any indication. She has toyed with Broadway a lot, seemingly always losing roles to Anika Noni Rose, or Sanaa Lathan. She's so great in SCANDAL, I'd love to see her on Broadway with a good director.
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Can she sing? How about a "Caroline Or Change" revival?
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