Romeo & Juliet Closing Early?

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Romeo & Juliet Closing Early?
Posted: 9/28/13 at 05:02pm
Playbill lists the closing date for Romeo & Juliet as November 24th. Has the January 12,2014 scheduled closing been moved up?
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Romeo & Juliet Closing Early?
Posted: 9/28/13 at 05:08pm
It was originally scheduled to close 11/24. They may have recently pushed ticket sales into January and then retracted the extension when the reviews came out.
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Romeo & Juliet Closing Early?
Posted: 9/30/13 at 02:08am
Or never added it yet...
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Romeo & Juliet Closing Early?
Posted: 9/30/13 at 06:21pm
Ticketmaster is still selling through Jan. 12. I think Playbill never updated the closing date when they extended. I remember briefly panicking a few weeks ago when I saw that, because I was planning on going in December.
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Romeo & Juliet Closing Early?
Posted: 10/1/13 at 02:53pm
Has anyone done the student tickets yet? Seat locations? Can you get them at the theatre or do you have to order them online?
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Romeo & Juliet Closing Early?
Posted: 10/1/13 at 03:11pm
I believe you can get them at the box office as well as online. I've heard that the locations are mostly front side orchestra and rear mezzanine.
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