Breaking News: Lilla Crawford Joins INTO THE WOODS Film as 'Little Red'; Stephen Sondheim Pens New Song

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And so we have it:

The Witch - Meryl Streep
Rapunzel Mackenzie Mauzy
Rapunzel's Prince Billy Magnussen
The Baker James Corden
The Baker's Wife Emily Blunt
The Baker's Father Simon Russell Beale
Little Red Lilla Crawford
Little Red's Grandmother Annette Crosbie
The Wolf Johnny Depp
Jack Daniel Huttlestone
Jack's Mother Tracey Ullman
The Giant Frances de la Tour
Cinderella Anna Kendrick
Cinderella's Prince Chris Pine
Cinderella's Mother Joanna Riding
Cinderella's Stepmother Christine Baranski
Cinderella's Stepsisters Tammy Blanchard, Lucy Punch

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I still think that Lilla may be a tad young after I so enjoyed Sarah Stiles last summer in the role, but I certainly prefer this news to Sophia Grace as previously announced.
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Yay! Lilla Crawford doing another bad accent! Can't wait!
That's right! Underscore mother-fu@#ers!
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THANK YOU, CASTING GOD. WE HAVE AVOIDED ANOTHER TAYLOR SWIFT! I knew they couldn't be this stupid! Lilla is too young, but A LOT BETTER than Sophia! And I called it too

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Who said that Lilla will have an accent?
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This is the Eponine situation with Taylor Swift and Samantha Barks all over again. Anyway, I'm happy for Lilla. She's a much better choice.

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Wow, would love to hear the backstory. Now this is casting that makes sense, none of that Sophia Grace nonsense.
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Why do I feel like Abigail Breslin (on the proviso that she could sing) would be the perfect age for Little Red

I'm nevertheless excited, since Sophia Grace sounded like a publicity stunt from the get-go.
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I think it's great news. Good for her...and she is a much better choice for the offense to Sophia Grace.
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isn't Little Red supposed to be at least somewhat chubby? Considering the fact that much of the first act involves her eating.
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Abigail Breslin already looks too mature for the role. At this point, she could very well be Rapunzel or Cinderella

Very glad that Lilla was confirmed as Little Red.

Jordan Catalano
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Better Crawford than Sophia Grace. Eugh. I got through 7 seconds of her wretched video before I projectile vomited all over my newly re-tiled bathroom.
What a colossal piece of crap! It'll probably run for years.
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Wait...what did I miss with Sophia Grace? I thought she was officially announced.
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The movie's been in rehearsal for over a month and just started filming this week. My guess is that they weren't happy with what they were seeing from Sophia Grace in rehearsal and have now moved forward and replaced her heading into the shoot.
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Fantastic news. Film had me seriously concerned with changes with they said Sophia would be joining. Love LILLA!
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"isn't Little Red supposed to be at least somewhat chubby? Considering the fact that much of the first act involves her eating."

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Thank God this has happened.
The Overture is part of the show, people. Please shut your pie hole.
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Well...the Wolf does call her 'Miss Plump,' so one could read that as the character being on the...well...plumper side. But the role has been played by actresses of varying sizes.
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"Yay! Lilla Crawford doing another bad accent! Can't wait!"

Screw you, at least she can act and sing!

Oh and the gif! Huge NC fan right here!

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I don't get the accent comments. Lilla has no real accent - she is from LA. She was directed to use the NY accent she did at Annie. Why would she use another accent unless directed to do so?
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Yeah, I don't get the accent thing, it's clearly a put on accent that she was obligated to have during ANNIE. If you see the documentary about the show, all the girls were made to use that accent, and from the looks of it, the people involved were making a terrible job at getting through the girls. The production was uninspired, not Lilla. I do wish the actors were not asked to do a British accent, but they only cast a couple Americans in it, so I imagine they will. Accent or not, Lilla will be great as Little Red.
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Peoples is jus' pokin' some fun at huh what cuz the yakcent from da Annie show was so gawd awaful.