Scandalous, Mystery of Edwin Drood, The Performers, pre show announcements.
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Sweet Christ, I really hope this isn't going to obsessions like show curtains are.
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Seriously. Most shows use a standard announcement, no? I mean, the creative/funny ones are generally the exception, not the rule.
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I saw Scandalous and Drood; to my recollection they didn't have pre-show announcements of any note that I remembered, although Drood might have made some commentary in the opening number, given the loose, improvisatory feel as the cast makes it's way onto the stage from the audience. I was too giddy to remember any specific jokes.
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Saw Drood a couple of days ago. There was no announcement. For me, an announcement would have dampened the loose "beginning" of the show with the cast interacting with the audience. The actors would have to break character since there were no cell phones in Dickens' time.
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Drood has none.

I like Virginia Woolf: "[bla bla bla] My name is Edward Albee...enjoy the play."

But this actually a topic of interest?
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I was at the final performance of Scandalous today. They just had a generic announcement telling people to turn off cellphones, etc. and that the performance would begin momentarily.

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