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Posted: 11/18/12 at 12:53am
Okay, so this being my Junior year and me being a total have-every-single-thing-planned-perfectly type of person, I am starting to seriously stress about college.
I've got top choices, and a few back ups. For those of you all wondering, here they are:
Weitzenhoffer School of Musical Theatre at OU
University of Arkansas (it's my home state, and cheap)
Oklahoma City University
The latter two are private, and way out of my price range, and almost definantly not happen. U of A is my back up. Weitzenhoffer is my top choice, it is public, I believe I'll be able to pay in-state thanks to the academic common market.

IF everything fails and I have to go to U of A, what do I major in? I'm aiming for a BFA in musical theatre but they do not offer that. They have vocal performance (opera) majors, and drama majors. No dance program at all.
If anyone has thoughts, comments, ideas, etc, they'd be greatly appreciated.

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Phyllis Rogers Stone
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Opinions on Collage
Posted: 11/18/12 at 01:00am
I usually use a glue stick for my collages but some people like to use rubber cement.
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Opinions on Collage
Posted: 11/18/12 at 01:01am
and here I thought I was going to click on a photo of a nice mosaic of theatre related photographs and memorabilia...
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Posted: 11/18/12 at 02:56am
If your interest is in musical theatre, a straight theatre degree is better than a vocal performance degree because in the latter, you will study classical singing instead of the many styles used in musical theatre. Transitioning from plays to musicals is much more common than operas to musicals.
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Posted: 11/18/12 at 06:18am
If you want a BFA in Musical Theatre, why would your back up not offer you that? Or at least a BA? But other than that, Awesome Danny's info is spot on. You can always take dance classes and voice lessons privately.

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Posted: 11/18/12 at 09:42am
Just to let you know, my daughter thought the same thing when she applied and auditioned (Dance) at Florida State University four years ago. The tuition/room board etc was over $30,000 a year and we could not afford that especially with our oldest daughter in college at the same time. Anyway, my daughter was accepted into Florida State University dance program and received several scholarships which cut the cost down over 50%. Sometimes I think colleges try to recruit out of state kids for arts programs. It may be a long shot but there is always a chance so don't totally give up on going out of state if that is your dream school.

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