Kate Finneran removed from preview clip?

Annie - Stick out my chin and SIGH???
Posted: 11/7/12 at 01:05pm
Was looking at an Annie video and this is driving me crazy...

I just stick out my chin, and grin, and SIGH??

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Annie - Stick out my chin and SIGH???
Posted: 11/7/12 at 01:15pm
I find the orchestrations for 'Tomorrow' in that clip to be far more disturbing...

Also, I preferred the Star to Be's original 'last minute modulation' ending to NYC that Laurie Beechman did.

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Annie - Stick out my chin and SIGH???
Posted: 11/7/12 at 01:38pm
Why no Katie Finneran in that clip?
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Annie - Stick out my chin and SIGH???
Posted: 11/7/12 at 02:10pm
Every word she sings there sounds wonky, so I think she's not really singing "sigh"
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Annie - Stick out my chin and SIGH???
Posted: 11/7/12 at 02:51pm
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Annie - Stick out my chin and SIGH???
Posted: 11/7/12 at 03:05pm
Just a guess, but she may have been instructed to use a different vowel sound to make it easier to belt. I've never really known the "a" vowel to be that difficult though so who knows. It's usually "e" that gets to people.
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Did anyone else notice that Kate Finneran has been removed from the recent highlight clips? Little Girls and Easy Street are now gone!
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Easy Street is in Part One. Not a lot - just the finish. And boy does the set looks dark and not very well lit.

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Just a guess, but she may have been instructed to use a different vowel sound to make it easier to belt.

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I don't think it disturbs me too much. Its a little weird but she sounds fantastic. I can actually listen to her "Maybe" and "Tomorrow" over and over again cuz unlike many other Annie's (besides Andrea McArdle) she doesn't sound like a little brat screeching and screaming.
I kinda like what they did with the crescendo on "and say" with the orchestra kind of getting more triumphant, however I wish the orchestra in general sounded fuller. It sounds so empty compared to the OBC.
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Oh come now, I think this is petty. And I'm a picky mofo!

It's obvious to me she sings "say" and not "sigh."

Plus, the "i" sound is not as easy to belt as the "a" sound, so changing it to that wouldn't make sense. It's obvious the girl can sing and and if it sounds like "sigh," it's down to the uniqueness of the actress and how she naturally pronounces certain words. Besides, it's not so off even if she literally sang "sigh."

The orchestrations for "Tomorrow" made me cringe and I am not familiar with the original orchestrations at all. They just sounded off and almost to be doing some countermelody thing that didn't gel. The rest of the promo sounded great, though.

All of the sets looked great, but I agree the NYC one looked too bare. As for the dimness of the lighting, it looks alright to me. Cameras rarely capture the lighting design of a show well enough to judge from a video clip.

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There are, in fact, a great many accent-related choices reflected in this video by different actors, and that's precisely what this is. There are, of course, lots of accents (even in real life) that drive many people crazy, but that's America. I feel quite certain this "say" that sounds more like "sigh" is a CHOICE, and that the actor has been instructed to employ it. I am equally certain that, if the MD had a problem with it as the OP here does, it would have been erased.
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@My oh My: with all due respect, the I is a more open vowel and therefore easier to belt than an A.
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With the exception of the sung "day/gray", her belted "a" sounds veer on that open "a-i", listen to the a-way at the end it def has that same a-i inflection which meets the rhyme. That "gray" even has an odd "a" sound.

I don't think this is any choice, it's just her getting that s-out with the ai me the transition that follows is the hardest part of the song. If almost sounds like she's a Brit fudging an American accent. She's great though.