Article panes on BWW

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Article panes on BWW
Posted: 9/27/12 at 08:45am
I'm not sure if anyone else here is having this issue, but when I go to read a thread on either board, the article pane in the right margin is blocking most of the text in said threads.

How do you rectify this? Thanks.
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Article panes on BWW
Posted: 9/27/12 at 09:35am
It happens to me on occassion. I don't have any solution to offer other than to email Rob.
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Reginald Tresilian
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Article panes on BWW
Posted: 9/27/12 at 09:51am
Yeah, me too. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason.

If you hit "reply to post" you can read them and then just close it. Annoying but it works.
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Jay Lerner-Z
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Article panes on BWW
Posted: 9/28/12 at 12:00am
I usually just refresh the page, then it's dandy.

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