Badly Titled Shows

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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/3/10 at 10:36pm
Just interested in opinions of shows that have suffered from titles that were nebulous or could stand a new marketing strategy. "Redhead" seems an obvious choice. While the title is relevent to the piece, neither it or the poster indicate what the show is really about.
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/3/10 at 10:50pm
IMHO I see Queenie as being more of a brunette...
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/3/10 at 11:00pm
Thread killer. After you've said "Urinetown", nobody else can say a word.

PS, I love Urinetown! - personal note: I was in NY trying to get in to see Wicked just after it opened. Yeah, right. While I was glumly walking back to my hotel, I saw this black theater with a totally obnoxious name. Well, WTH. I went in, and it was AWESOME!!!! I've seen Wicked many times since, but never enjoyed it as much as Urinetown on Broadway. And I did buy the Urinetown Bottled Water at the refreshment counter. Yum!
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My Oh My
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/3/10 at 11:01pm
Love Never Dies
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/3/10 at 11:23pm
Think MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET is an awful title.

JELLY'S LAST JAM makes me think of smuckers.
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/3/10 at 11:35pm
I don't see why Urinetown is a bad title. I think humor is implied in the title. Also, the title sounds like "you're in town", so when you read the title, it adds to the humor.
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/3/10 at 11:37pm
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dram-coat... too wordy
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/3/10 at 11:40pm
AwesomeDanny, I believe the posters who listed URINETOWN were including it because the title is actually mocked within the show for being so odd.
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My Oh My
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/3/10 at 11:45pm
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/4/10 at 12:38am
Personally, I always thought that "Watching the Children Play in the Park on a Sunday Afternoon When the Thunderstorms Theatrened and the Nannies Ducked for Cover" was really just a very bad name for a musical.
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/4/10 at 02:57pm
Yes, Urinetown is in fact a great title - Little Sally's claims to the contrary. But I sure agree the Love Never Dies is an awful title.
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/4/10 at 03:13pm
I never wanted to see Sunday in the Park With George because the title sounded so dumb to me... then I heard what it was about and was intrigued, and now I love it. But by the title alone, I never would have had anything to do with it.
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/4/10 at 03:27pm
Ragtime- Brought to you by Tampax.

Half a Sixpence
Subways are for Sleeping
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/4/10 at 03:27pm
"The Drowsy Chaperone"

Funny Show, Iffy Title
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/4/10 at 03:27pm
An example of combining an ambiguous title with artwork that gives absolutely no idea of what the show is about:

No wonder the show couldn't find an audience
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/4/10 at 03:44pm
Gutenberg! The Musical
Welcome To The Club
3 Guys Naked From The Waist Down
Cry For Us All
Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?
How Now Dow Jones
Now Is The Time For All Good Men
Zanna Don't
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/4/10 at 04:10pm
"The Will Rodgers Follies" always bothered me.

It seems like the had a better, longer title in mind, but couldn't afford to pay for all the words...
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Stage Door Sally
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/4/10 at 05:53pm
I loved Urinetown, but it was badly titled. I know people who wouldn't go because of that.

Yeah the story pokes fun at the name, and so did the advertisements for it. I don't think it helped much in drawing a crowd though. Shame.

I also think The Play What I Wrote is a stupid-sounding title, but it suited the show which was quite silly.
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/4/10 at 08:19pm
I am obsessed with the show, but "Sondheim on Sondheim"...really?
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/4/10 at 08:27pm
I don't know so much as these two are bad so much as wordy and confounding...though to their credit, I remember them well:

Four Baboons Adoring The Sun

Observe The Sons of Ulster Marching Towards The Somme
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/4/10 at 09:14pm
I am obsessed with the show, but "Sondheim on Sondheim"...really?
sounds like a filthy porno...I kinda want to see it
What a colossal piece of crap! It'll probably run for years.
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/4/10 at 10:41pm
But Never Jam Today
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/5/10 at 11:43am
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/5/10 at 12:53pm least for american audiences.
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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/5/10 at 02:37pm

I often wondered how many people avoided it because they assumed it was performed in French?

Even most people who like the show cannot promounce the title properly.

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Badly Titled Shows
Posted: 7/5/10 at 04:32pm
SPIDER MAN--Yay! We know what that is! TURN OFF THE DARK--A bad lyric by The Cure?


ROCKABYE HAMLET (in the tree top?)

MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG--Maybe this title sold tickets in the 1930's when everyone was lightheaded from starvation, but not now.



THE TAP DANCE KID--An ABC Afterschool Special

BABY--Just makes the imagination reel, no?



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