Today's Riedel: Disney planning to bring THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME to the U.S.

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Yeah, I agree Jonwo. I just like how "Disney presents" sounds, haha. I think it suits their Broadway shows.
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In the playbill there most recent header has been, Disney Theatrical under Thomas Schumacher presents..... Couldn't they also go back to using the Hyperion banner?
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Yeah, in the Playbill (all except the Showbill for MARY POPPINS) it is always listed as "Disney Theatrical Productions under the Direction of Thomas Schumacher Presents Disney's THE LITTLE MERMAID," for example. Hyperion Theatricals was only used once and that was for AIDA, a show Disney included in their line up but did not use their logo for.

Nowadays, though, as Jonwo pointed out, the trend with all things Disney (movies, products, shows, games, etc.) has been to brand it simply with the "Disney" logo, not with a "'s" or "presents" after it. I think this was a decision that stemmed from the higher ups in corporate. Like with NEWSIES, it just reads "Disney Theatrical Productions under the Direction of Thomas Schumacher presents Disney NEWSIES the Musical," and honestly, at this point (especially since that doesn't seem grammtically correct," I'm sure the logo is just now meant to be there for branding purposes as opposed to being included in the title like in BEAUTY and MERMAID. They've been pretty inconsistent, actually.

But, anyway, to make a long story short without all my babbling, Disney will more than likely just put their logo on it like Jonwo stated earlier.
Updated On: 1/11/13 at 01:21 PM