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The Record : Issue 5 - Alice Ripley

I guess it would be a tie between "Drive" and "Sky".

What would be your dream collaboration?

I'd like to work with Rick Rubin as a record producer.

The Record : Issue 5 - Alice Ripley
Alice Ripley

What is the song writing process like for you? Where do you pull from?

I find my guitar makes me submit to practice time first before it lets me write.  Sometimes a song writes itself in ten minutes and other times I might work on a song for years before I perform it for anyone.  I think songs are like the bones in the body of one's emotional life.

What is the most meaningful song or album you've written?  

They are like kids. I love them all equally!

You recently put out your sophomore solo album titled Daily Practice Vol. 1? How was that experience for you?  

I had performed several NYC solo gigs in a row (with my guitar), and called the evening Daily Practice.  Shortly thereafter the audience demanded that I record the concert, so I did, and a studio version was released on February 14, 2011 on Sh-K-Boom Records.  While I was on the road with Next to Normal, I made two music videos for Daily Practice:  "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" (filmed in San Francisco's Muir Woods) and "Essence" (yet to be released - captured with a Seattle, WA backdrop), both shot by John Carucci.

You gave multiple concerts at Dopo Teatro. How do they influence your music? 
I definitely enjoy taking cues from my audience.  They have already begun suggesting track ideas for Daily Practice Volume 2. 

The Record : Issue 5 - Alice Ripley
Alice Ripley

The Live show of Daily Practice included your own music but also many covers. How do you choose the songs?
The live show is a mix of originals, showtunes and rock covers.  However, Daily Practice Volume 1 is all classic rock tunes.  I choose the songs this way: when I wake up in the morning I usually find myself singing something - words that are tried and true, and somehow need to be said and heard again.  The songs that emerge from those moments, they speak for me, so I pick up my guitar and teach them to myself.  Sometimes I am teaching myself a Pink Floyd or Kate Bush song, while other times I find myself "learning" as opposed to "writing" a new RIPLEY song.

You now have put out two solo's albums but you also have a band call Ripley. Can you tell us a little about that? Will there be more?
RIPLEY albums are written and self-produced by me and the band (currently there are two: RIPLEY EP and OUTTASITE). 
RIPLEY is me (guitars and vocals), Christopher Schelling (keys) and Shannon Ford (drums).
Joni Mitchell once said how crucial it is for singer/songwriters to produce themselves. I try to always remember her words, since she's the expert in my eyes.

Whats next for you? Possible tour? Another Ripley album? Another Daily Practice? 
Yes to all, please!

The Record : Issue 5 - Alice Ripley
Alice Ripley

You can now see her play live when she performs solo concerts titled Alice Ripley's Daily Practice on December 11 & 16 at 10:30pm at The Laurie Beechman Theatre, a cabaret space downstairs at West Bank Cafe. The concerts will feature what's being billed as an eclectic mix of well known songs and new compositions. For tickets and more information, visit

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