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THE X FACTOR: The Judges' Homes PART 2!


Here we go again folks- it's the Judges' Homes round take 2! The contestants continue to fight for their lives as they perform in front of the judges and special guests. After tonight, only half will move on to the finals and have a shot at winning The X Factor!

The performances began right away. First up was Jazzyln Little for the girls category. She sang a soulful rendition of "I Will Survive." She seemed to loosen up this time around and had fun with it. Simon looked like he was enjoying the performance, but was unsure if she was good enough to stay in the competition.

The first to perform for the boys was fan favorite (One of my favortes too!) Brennin Hunt. He won everyone over with his good looks and and even better voice. This week he once again sounded great, but Rihanna was not convinced that he sings like a star.

The Stereo Hogzz were the first up for the groups. They sang a fun and entertaining version of "Heard it Through the Grapevine." Pharrell called them "Motown mixed with Ginuwine," which had Paula jumping up and down in agreement.

Josh Krajacik was the first to perform for the over 30s. Enrique and Nicole liked his performance but both felt that "he's not your typical star."

Next up for the groups category was 2squar'd who sang "Bohemian Rhapsody." They had a very strong performance and Paula said, "they definitely can sing" and Pharrell thought so as well.

Tim Cifers was the second to perform for the boys. His performance was very strong emotional, but wasn't enough for L.A. who said, "It was good, but I wanted so much more from him." Rihanna enjoyed his performance and said, "I really liked his voice. He's a real country singer."

Next up for the girls category was 13-year-old Rachel Crow who amazed everyone (Myself included!) in auditions. She sang "I Want It That Way" and did not fail to impress once again. Her rendition was beautiful and very powerful. She was definitely my favorite of the night. Simon was blown away, "That was unbelievable!" he exclaimed.

LeyRoy Bell was next to perform for the over 30s group. He is the oldest in the competition and the pressure seemed to get to him. Nicole said that she "could feel his nerves."

Next up for the groups were Illusion/Confusion who gave an average performance. Paula was "on the fence" and Pharrell was impressed by their drive, but not their performance.

Third to perform for the over 30s was Tiger Budbill. His performance was very strong and he hit some great high notes. Nicole questioned if there's a market for him but Enrique assured her "Anyone can get it with the right song."

Next up for the boys was Marcus Canty who serenaded Rihanna with "All My Life." Rihanna screamed, "I'm freaking out! I cannot contain myself" and was very impressed by his confidence.

Tiah Tolliver, who Simon was rooting for from the start, won him over once again with a sassy performance.

The last to perform for the over 30s was former child singer, Christa Collins who impressed the judges at boot camp. Enrique liked her performance, while Nicole wanted more emotion from her.

InTENsity was the final group to perform. This is a large group made up of other acts that were almost eliminated. They sang a fun rendition of "That's Not My Name." Their performance was very cute and full of energy. Paula enjoyed it, but thought that they needed more time.

The last in the boys category to perform was Chris Rene who surprised everyone at auditions with great voice. He sang "Everyday People." Rihanna said, "He has something very special' which L.A. agreed with but also felt that "he seemed very uncomfortable."

Melanie Amaro, who Simon originally thought had the potential to win the whole competition, was the last up for the girls. Her performance was good, but she had done much better in the past.
Simon fell over on the couch and made believe he was ripping a piece of paper. He said she knew he was "ripping her off."

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