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Spike Hill Announces Calendar For March 28 - May 7


Spike Hill Calendar March 28 - May 7. Since the Spring of 2007, Spike Hill has been quietly rocking Williamsburg. Located on the corner of Bedford and North 7th, Spike Hill's foundation rests on the nexus of Brooklyn's famous music scene. With its early shows advertised mostly by word-of-mouth, the 140 capacity venue has nurtured new talent from the corners of Brooklyn and beyond, becoming a welcome hotbed for New York's burgeoning concrete-country scene. With delectable pub food, gold-standard Guinness, pristine sound and two full bars, Spike Hill has flourished into a staple among the area's clubs while still maintaining its intimate atmosphere, proudly hosting Brooklyn's fastest-growing Open Mic each Wednesday night. Be a part of Williamsburg's best-kept secret.

Tuesday, March 29th
8:00 PM-Halley Devestern
9:00 PM-Josiah Venter
10:00 PM-Givers of Sweet Love
11:00 PM-Uptown Party Down

Wednesday, March 30th
9:00 PM-Missing Ships
10:00 PM-Railbird
11:00 PM-The Rex Complex

Thursday, March 31st
8:00 PM-Ivan & The Terribles
9:00 PM-Coastal Toast
10:00 PM-The Louisiana
11:00 PM--Portus

Friday, April 1st--$6 Cover
8:00 PM-The Melody Allegra Band
9:00 PM-Alex Battles
10:00 PM-Serena Jean
11:00 PM-Hurrah! A Bolt of Light

Saturday, April 2nd --$6 Cover
8:00 PM-Happy Lives
9:00 PM-The Can't Tells
10:00 PM-Shake the Baron
NEW 11:00 PM-Little Racer

Sunday, April 3rd
6:00 PM-Sweethooks
NEW 7:00 PM-The Elm City Council
8:00 PM-Steff Mahan
9:00 PM-Filthy Still
10:00 PM-Hickry Hawkins
11:00 PM-Shine & The Junkies

Tuesday, April 5th
10:00 PM-Fifth Nation

Wednesday, April 6th Presents Live! Loud! Local!
8:00 PM-Paul Thornton
9:00 PM-The Evangelines
10:00 PM-I'll Be John Brown
11:00 PM-Party People

Thursday, April 7th
8:00 PM-The NowhereNauts
9:00 PM-Joanna Erdos and the Midnight Show
10:00 PM-Not Waving But Drowning
11:00 PM-Midnight Spin

Friday, April 8th --$6 Cover
8:00 PM-Norman Vladamir
9:00 PM-Secret Music
10:00 PM-Dance Fight
11:00 PM-Pretty & Nice

Saturday, April 9th --$6 Cover
8:00 PM-Teletextile
9:00 PM--Cutleri
10:00 PM-Little Anchor
NEW 11:00 PM-Black Forest

Sunday, April 10th
6:00 PM-Fast Heart Mart
7:00 PM-Steamboat Disaster
8:00 PM-Whisperado
9:00 PM-Janet LaBelle
10:00 PM-Porkchop Willie

Wednesday, April 13th
8:00 PM-Michael Wagner
9:00 PM-Free Advice
10:00 PM-Will Stratton
11:00 PM-Lawrence & Leigh CD Release

Friday, April 15th--$6 Cover
8:00 PM-RIBS
9:00 PM-Red Wire Black Wire
10:00 PM-ArpLine

Sunday, April 17th
6:00 PM-Harold Allen
7:00 PM-Wylie Hunter & The Cazadores
8:00 PM-Tumbleweed Company
9:00 PM-Amsterdam News
10:00 PM-Zak Smith Band
11:00 PM-Chasing Blue --CANCELLED
NEW 11:00 PM-The Body Electric

Tuesday, April 19th
10:00 PM-A Brief View of the Hudson

Wednesday, April 20th
8:00 PM-The Never Evers
9:00 PM-Sky Picnic
10:00 PM-Chasing the Ghost
11:00 PM-Loud Lavender

Thursday, April 21st
8:00 PM-The Pinkertones
9:00 PM-NY's Finest
10:00 PM-Babement
11:00 PM-The Hometown Sweethearts

Friday, April 22nd
8:00 PM-Robin Bacior
10:00 PM-The Fancy
10:00 PM-Sea of Bees
11:00 PM-The Can't Tells

Saturday, April 23rd --$6 Cover
8:00 PM-VA/MD
9:00 PM-Grown Up Noise
10:00 PM-Bridges & Powerlines

Sunday, April 24th
6:00 PM-Whitney Lockared
7:00 PM-Emily Moment
8:00 PM-Cameron McLain
9:00 PM-Amy Sheehan & The LoveHowl
10:00 PM-Lawrence Trailer
NEW 11:00 PM-Pol the Fisherman

Wednesday, April 27th
9:00 PM-Desire Lines
10:00 PM-Himalaya
11:00 PM-Xenia Rubinos

Thursday, April 28th
8:00 PM-Bern & The Brights
9:00 PM-A Locomotive
10:00 PM-MikAl Evans Band
11:00 PM-Swear & Shake

Friday, April 29th --$7 Cover
8:00 PM-The Jackie Coleman Experience
9:00 PM-PitchBlak Brass Band
10:00 PM-Breakdown Brass

Saturday, April 30th
8:00 PM-Teletextile
11:00 PM-The Flowdown

Sunday, May 1st
NEW 7:00 PM-Kris Lakota Band
8:00 PM-Dive Bar Dukes
9:00 PM-The Shambles
NEW 10:00 PM-The Sammy Baker Trio

Wednesday, May 4th
9:00 PM-Urban Weasel
10:00 PM-The Never Evers

Friday, May 6th
12:00 AM-Spanish Prisoners

Saturday, May 7th
10:00 PM-Zula

Sunday, May 8th
NEW 7:00 PM-Laura Gould
NEW 8:00 PM-A Tuff Rose
NEW 9:00 PM-Crooks & Perverts
NEW 10:00 PM-Cal Folger Day

Thursday, May 12th
NEW 8:00 PM-The Scamps
NEW 9:00 PM-Abby Payne Band

Spike Hill
184 and 186 Bedford Avenue and North 7th Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
(718) 218-9737-

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