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Downtown Urban Theater Festival to Return to HERE in NYC, April 2-19

Hoops by Gustav Gauntlett (New York)

Hoops is a one-hooper show following the intensely dramatic stories of five people and how basketball plays a role in each of their lives. From a Mexican mother in East Harlem, to a soldier in Afghanistan, and even an inmate at Pelican Bay Prison; when life gets out of control, Hoops can be the key to finding humanity.

The Messiah Complex by Nia Ostrow Witherspoon (Florida)

DJ Messiah's got no time for the past. Music is her escape into the future. But her ghosts catch up, unearthing the queer secrets buried in Black city life. And ghosts have got all the time in the world.

Toy Soldierz by Javier Reyes (California)

Devon Johnson is gunned down while leaving his high school graduation party and wakes up in a coma state trapped between the afterlife and the still life. In this state, Devon must choose forgiveness in order to save the life of his perpetrator or face grave consequences as a result.

Toadstool Tea by Jamal Williams (Georgia)

Toadstool Tea is a tongue-in-cheek story that tries to deal with the fears of the elderly. It is a play that transcends age, race, and economically standing to show that seniors still pursue happiness and love despite severe obstacles.

Two of Us by Ana Pepine and Paul Cimpoieru (Romania)

Two of Us is a classic love story full of sensitivity and expressivity. The play's universal language of theatrical communication is determined by the freedom with which two actors use forms of performing arts as vehicles to convey ideas, experiences, and sensations.

The Woman at the Well by Martyna Majok (New York)

A woman alone at a pub. Her date is late. The last time her date was late, he was never anywhere ever again. A play about misunderstandings, the American way of saying goodbye, and a lady with a six pack of O'Doul's.

In 2001, DUTF was founded with the purpose to build a repertoire of new American theatre that echoes the true spirit of urban life and speaks to a whole new generation whose lives defy categorizing along conventional lines. That purpose has been realized many times over, as more than 100 writers have created and refined their work for the stage and thousands of inspired audience members have applauded their performances. DUTF inaugurated the festival in 2002 at HERE in SoHo to help revitalize the NYC downtown arts scene, which, at the time, was experiencing a severe downturn due to the WTC disaster. It has been recognized as "one of the world's best festivals for new works" and described as "not only prestigious, but a slice of heaven for playwrights who want the chance to freely express themselves." (Lisa Mulcahy, Theater Festivals, Allworth Press, 2005)

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