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On November 7th, featured a pre-show interview with Roslyn Hart, star of the new monthly comedy show, Never Sleep Alone. Held at Joe's Pub, the main goal of Never Sleep Alone is to hook people up while also throwing in some laughs, music, and drinks. As "Dr. Alex", a Sexual psychologist and music therapist, Hart leads the audience through a night of sexual education and interactions, bringing singles and couples together for a not-to-be-missed night of naughty fun.

Hart joined Broadwayworld for a mid-run interview to discuss the show, her exceeded expectations, and the audience's post-show knack for never sleeping alone. 

So have the reactions to Never Sleep Alone been what you expected?

Definetly better than expected! NSA is an ongoing socio-theatrical experiment and I am very pleased with these first results. People are saying it was one of the most amazing nights of their life, which is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to create an evening that was a great show combined with a unique social event. A place where people would laugh harder than they ever have, while feeling sexy and potentially meeting their next great hook-up. Thanks to Joe's Pub and my amazing NSA team, we did it! We are at 39 successful hookups as a result of Opening Night! And those are just the ones we know about.

What is the most outrageous thing that has happened so far?

Hart: I refuse to give any spoilers because I want everything that happens when you walk in that door to be a surprise. But, you were there! You SAW what happened. And please do not report it. We have a very strict policy. What happens at NSA stays at NSA.

There are post show after-parties. Ever drop by?

Dr. Alex doesn't go to the after-parties, because she doesn't want her patients to feel like they're being scrutinized. (Laughs) But I certainly do. And I must say, it's amazing to see people connecting with their fellow audience members and with the strangers at the after-party. I always pick a venue that has an existing clientele of interesting and attractive, straight and gay people. So, if you don't have a connection with anyone you meet at the show, you are guaranteed to meet at least fifty more strangers who find you sexually relevant at the after-party. And you are coming from an exclusive and unique event, you are hanging out in the VIP area of the after-party and you don't have to wait in line outside the venue like everyone else, so already YOU are a more attractive and interesting person.

If you could take a guess, what percentage of attendees wind up having a one night stand?

It depends of what we are classifying as a one night stand. I would say over 70 percent of that audience didn't sleep alone that night. They were sharing a bed with someone. What happened in that bed is their business. What's more impressive to me is that several of the people who hooked up that night are still seeing each other. And that couples (voyeurs are welcome at NSA) who went to the show said they had the best sex they've had in a long time that night. Dr. Alex has a voicemail where people can annoymously report on their NSA experience. I will be posting some of those voicemails on They are pretty amazing.

During the show you refer to your book and go chapter by chapter. IS there a book? And if there isn't have you thought about putting one together?

Of course there's a book! There's two books. I just want to pick the right publisher.

Lots of champagne is flowing during Never Sleep Alone, and Joe's Pub has a drink minimum. Do you find that the booze helps the sexy interactions?

Yes, it certainly helps. But I know 4 people who stayed sober that night. And only one of them slept alone. And the only reason that person slept alone was because they went straight from the stranger they were kissing at the after-party to a flight to Europe. I'm sure they had sweet dreams on that plane thanks to NSA.

People in the audience were definitely dressed up for a night on the town. Do you think that some look at it as less of a show and more of a speed dating/bar scene experience?

I think they look at it as a show within a social event. It is the opposite of a speed-dating/ bar scene experience because you are actually having fun, you are actually meeting hot people, and you are actually getting your money's worth. My website and all invitations state "DRESS TO IMPRESS". When you look sexy, you feel sexy. When you feel sexy, you ARE sexy.

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