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Happy February, everybody! A moment of truth, this is my least favorite month of the year. It's cold, it's dark, our senses are assaulted by Valentine's Day (barf), but luckily it's short, and I get to spend it doing pelvic thrusts and body rolls Off-Broadway. Silver lining!

Something in our show that is not gloomy is our makeup. In the first act, we're normal and for some of us, we get to be sassy and glamorous because we're supposed to be going out to the hottest disco around. In act two, it all goes to **bleep** Disasters are happening and our appearances reflect it. Some of the cast members are amazing at this makeup. They do bruises and cuts and missing teeth. Jennifer Simard's makeup is hilarious. She's a nun and the disasters hit her in a very appropriate way. Charity Dawson might be my favorite. Her character, Levora Verona, is a disco diva who has a dog named Baby that goes everywhere with her. Even Baby gets in on the disaster action and leaves her mark on Levora. Check out the pictures below.

I'm terrible and lazy at my disaster makeup. I strategically put "dirt" across my cheekbone and jawline because a little shading and contouring never hurt anyone (Am I right, ladies?). I also just smear my lipstick to look like I cut my lip which doesn't sound terrible but here's the fun part. A few years ago, I went to a bachelorette party at the Slipper Room which is an amazing burlesque club in New York (it was on the first episode of Mad Men. Fancy!). One of the gorgeous dancers had this incredible lipstick, and I was so obsessed that I actually approached her for makeup tips. She had a red lip, but it was all glitter. LOVE! I learned her secret and since we're crazy clubbers in the 1970's, I figured a little glitter would be appropriate. Alright, back to the disaster makeup. When I smear my red lipstick, it looks like I'm bleeding glitter or sometimes it looks like a festive cold sore which has led to my loving nickname for it, the glitter herpe (I call dibs on the name Glitter Herpe for an all girl comedy band). The final step in my disaster look is just black powder all over my nose. Maggie McDowell made the astute observation one day that I looked like Mary Poppins when she goes up the chimney. I've also been told I look like a koala or kitten. It all came full circle on Super Bowl Sunday. We realized backstage that none of us had planned anything for the big game (obviously, we were very invested in this sporting event...) so we had an impromptu gathering at my apartment. Naturally, there was face painting. Oh, did your Super Bowl party not have that? I'm so sorry for you. Haven Burton and her Broadway boo, Denny Paschall, brought the fun and I paid homage to my onstage look by spending most of Sunday evening with a black nose and whiskers. Yay sports!

high res photos

Before you notice the hilarious makeup, let's all discuss how amazing Jennifer Simard is at smizing.

Charity Dawson and her amazing disaster makeup.

Glitter Herpe and my Poppins/kitty nose. I'm ready for Act 2.

Me, Charity Dawson, Haven Burton, and Stacey Oristano being super sporty with our face paint. Go football!

high res photos

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Guest Blogger: Sherz Aletaha Sherz (sounds like more than one Cher) is a singer/actor/mover who loves a good dance party. Originally from Newport Beach, California, she is currently living in New York City and performing in the hit Off Broadway show DISASTER written by Seth Rudetsky and Jack Plotnick with direction by Plotnick and choreography by Denis Jones. Other NY credits include DISASTER (The Box and The Triad), SPRING ALIVE (Dixon Place, cast album available), Beyond The iChatter (Ars Nova), and numerous concerts and readings. Sherz geeked out big time singing aboard Rosie O'Donnell's Rfamily cruise alongside fancy Broadway folks, and she performed regionally in HOW TO SUCCEED..., MAN OF LA MANCHA, GYPSY, and MOON OVER BUFFALO. If you want to laugh at her, you can watch her as Lauren in the award winning web series WING WOMEN . Lastly, to follow her shenanigans, check out her blog which she swears she will some point... and follow her on Twitter: @morethanonecher