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Isn't there something more than our little mundane lives? Isn't there a destiny for all of us? Is it magic that these films take you to another energy field? Oh man.... I THINK YES!

MAGIC happens in movies all the time, yet when a "real" person might have "magical" powers, we hang them to a tree or even better put them on synthetic drugs and in lock-down. We kill what we fear. Harry Potter made a trillion dollars because we know somewhere deep inside of ourselves, we all have magic powers. The magic to manifest, make things happen, be leaders, be awakened. I believe we all have these gifts. But just like the movie, UP, we carry our baggage around like old sots, crying for the party of one, who can't seem get to get it together. We were told somewhere that we are less-than. We are taught emotions of guilt. Who are we to know everything or feel like we deserve everything the Universe has to offer? Who are we to feel our magic? The big boys don't want you to find your magic. Control is the key to keep everyone in fear and asleep. All these messages come to us on a big screen, to get us thinking, to get us alive, to wake us up!

So, now you are probably thinking...this girl has done too many drugs. Ha Ha Ha...well...nah! I am going deep inside of myself and taking responsibility to the Planet that I live on. I get more conscience everyday. My hope is that everyone will be more respectful of nature and of themselves. I became a Vegetarian, I recycle everything within an inch of its life, I am thankful for the food I eat, The Farmer that grew it, the soil that gave it birth.

People sleepwalk thru life and most have already predicted what their life is and how their life will turn out. If people thought more about life like a movie where everything is possible, with no limitations, what a place this would be.

There are messages all around us, in movies and in nature and if you are not willing to be or see the change, nothing will.

It's entertainment...but is it? If you just call it entertainment then it's entertainment. Half of the people in theater will walk away like a different person, half will walk out the same. Which one are you?

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