BWW Blog: Abigail Shapiro - Creating Our 4th Performance at 54 BELOW

August 26
1:33 PM 2014
BWW Blog: Abigail Shapiro - Creating Our 4th Performance at 54 BELOW

Creating our 4th performance at 54 BELOW

Hello Broadway World! Our concert is only two days away! Both of us are so excited! You can purchase tickets at the 54 BELOW website: Along with that excitement we also have out CD coming out! The release date on September 9th is approaching quickly.

We've been rehearsing new additions to our show and I've really enjoyed the creative process. Each of our shows are unique as we adjust it to include new performing guests and switch in and out new songs - it's a different show every performance. For example, we performed "Popular," the same way for our first two shows but when our special guest, Ben Thompson, came to perform, we decided to switch it up a bit! I've always found it almost a little more difficult to relearn old material a different way, than to learn new material from scratch. To teach your body and your brain to do something familiar but slightly differently is a unique challenge.

With our shows I have come to learn about the importance of these rehearsals, and how much we can accomplish in a little amount of time. Even with only a couple of rehearsals, we were forced to buckle down and get through a lot of material. I also noticed how some of the best ideas we come up with are created last minute. In fact, we just created what we call "The Song Bird Medley," which features some 50s songs we harmonize to. The way we came up with it was by simply harmonizing to a song as we were coming in to the rehearsal studio. It's crazy to me how when Milly and I work together, we just naturally create and innovate, without even intending to (or when we should be a bit more focused!)

Last week we were so excited to rehearse with the one and only Laura Osnes. I had met Laura before - at the Tony awards party last year - and Milly filmed a Tony Awards commercial with her. She's fabulous to work with! In our rehearsal this week we worked as collaborators and created the story behind the songs Milly and I are singing with Laura as duets. We also discussed simple things like what we're wearing; another thing different about this cabaret is that we've decided to adjust our costumes a bit.

Yesterday, we also rehearsed with former Matilda cast member Ben Thompson. He will also be appearing in our show as one of our guests. I'm most excited about doing "Popular" with Ben in our performance, because a little surprise goes with it. He is great to work with. In our rehearsal, we got a lot accomplished in a much shorter time frame than we'd expected.

This show will be very special because we will be signing and selling our own CDs at 54 BELOW after the show. It's a dream come true! Well that's all for now Broadway World-hope to see you Thursday night!

Check out BWW's exclusive promo video here: /article/BWW-TV-Exclusive-Promo-The-Shapiro-Sisters-Prep-for-LIVE-OUT-LOUD-Launch-at-54-Below-20140825#.U_zEMICwIck

-Abigail Shapiro


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Guest Blogger: Abigail Shapiro Abigail Shapiro made her Broadway debut as Cindy Lou Who in How The Grinch Stole Christmas. She can also be heard singing “Santa For A Day” on their World Premiere CD recording. Her regional credits include Molly in Annie; Munchkin in Wizard of Oz; Gretl in Sound of Music; and Child in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat . Her numerous TV appearances include The Wendy Williams Show, Fox And Friends and singing the National Anthem for the Knicks Game Live @ Madison Square Garden. She was discovered by her managers Bobbie Merritt and Deborah Kym of The Entertainment Group during the summer of 2012 and cast as Cindy Lou Who two months later. By the age of 9, Abigail had an impressive concert resume touring regionally as a soloist and lead singer with the Rockabilly Chicks group she formed with her younger sister, Milly Shapiro (Matilda in Matilda) and friends. Abigail and her sister have dedicated their time and talent to multiple worthy causes, including Sandy Hook. Last year they were named as the tween faces of NoBully! and are just ending a 4 Concert run at 54 BELOW of an original sister act that Abigail co-wrote and co-created to benefit this cause so close to their heart. Their CD recording “Shapiro Sisters: Live Out Loud – Live at 54 BELOW” will be released September 9th on and iTunes.




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