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MusicalTalk Podcast? Anyone here listen?

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Hello :) I'm Nick and I do MusicalTalk - which is a UK based musical theatre podcast?

I was just wondering what people think of the show? It'd be great to hear some opinions - so we can look at what direction to bring the show.


Nick Hutson Co-Presenter/Producer MusicalTalk - The UK's Musical Theatre Podcast
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I know Andrew Corcoran who is one of the presenters and does MD assistant AD work etc
Its not bad, i liked the Our House cast interview, very informative

The only thing i would say is the guys who do the main show when they are talking about shows opening in London etc and going through reviews are annoying, they sound so much like posh toffs its annoying to listen too, it kinda alienates a younger group of listeners as well as proving non theatre goers ideas of theatre folks been snobbish and elitist true.
Often they also seem to be passing comment on shows they haven't seen and often get their facts wrong.

The concept is great and well done for running it, but get new presenters who are more accessible
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