My jaunt to London Town

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My jaunt to London Town#1
Posted: 10/26/08 at 5:30am
Thought i would post a wee review of a couple of shows i saw during my business trip last week.
saw Billy elliot on monday night for the first time. really wanted to see the lad from Beautiful People in it but didnt. Can't remember the boys name who played Billy but he was fantastic. loads of energy. The rest of the cast looked all a bit bored to be honest. I did enjoy it though but doubt I would go back to see it and doubt I will take my CD of the recording out the cellophene.

On Wednesday I got a day seat for WICKED. This was my 3rd time seeing it. What lazy lazy performances. During one dramatic scene Oliver Topsett as fiero was sharing a joke with a member of the ensemble. Totally unprofessional ! He was one of the weakest links certainly that night. He just kinda phoned in his performance. i think its time he leaves if hes that bored and lets someone else play the part the way it should be. desmond barrit as the wizard.... don't get me started, what was his accent ? American... no English.... no american ? Ive seen better amatuers seriously, he was shockingly bad. I also wasn't mad keen on the new Elphie, she just didnt look right. She wasnt very elegant which i think she needed, she sang the **** out of it though. Glinda and morrible were wonderful though, especially morrible WOW! pure evil.
Well thus ends my rant ! Note to Wicked producers if you are reading, time you visit your show and kick ass.