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Dreaming of a problem like Nancy?

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Dreaming of a problem like Nancy?#1
Posted: 4/1/08 at 4:26am
Did anyone else find the comments of the panel on Saturday to be meaningless and empty?

Apart from saying the girls all looked nice (and at his age, bless him, Rose West would look nice) Barry Humphries said nothing of value or of use to the girls. I found his inclusion pointless.

And what the hell was Kevin-I'm-missing-out-Spacey bleeting about this week?

The casting show over the last 3 years has included Lloyd Webber, Bill Kenwright, David Ian, Cameron Mackintosh etc. Chanel 4 had a straight playwriting version with Sonia Freedman "The Plays the Thing". There was a series called "Musicality" which covered audtioning and training (briefly) for Chicago.

Rather than being left out by Andrew Lloyd Webber 'advertising', isn't he just showing us he's slow off the mark and has missed the boat? Its seems that dozens of big producers have been involved in 'advertsing' their productions and work on TV.

But bless 'em all. All the Nancy's. Gawd bless 'em, every one. "World class" and other empty phrases.

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re: Dreaming of a problem like Nancy?#2
Posted: 4/1/08 at 7:22am
Totally agree with you DS... I think Zoe not being on the panel is a big loss - anyone know anything about this?

And likewise, Barry Humphries said almost nothing of consequence: a lot of it seemed very empty, as apparently everyone was fantastic, world class etc, and whoever we thought was best, they couldn't all be as good as each other!!

I didn't watch much of the Joseph series, but saw a lot of the Maria one, and Zoe was fantastic on that, and generally so were David and John. The contestants got constructive, honest feedback each week, whereas so far, the Nancy series seems to be heading worryingly down the road of fearing to criticise anyone... we need a Simon Cowell-type person on the show, who says it like it is - I'm no fan of Cowell, but at least he doesn't pull punches in what is a very brutal profession, and these girls want to be in that profession, so they should be ready for that.

Why oh why is Cameron not on the panel? At least we'd get a very honest assessment from someone who REALLY knows what he's talking about (+ some great fights between him and Andrew). I think Andrew is pretty good on there mostly (his face poses during the songs are BRILLIANT), and John and Denise are generally OK.

Also, why is there still no director on the panel? - this is the bit that really surprised me about the previous two series too...
I don't have too much of an issue with these reality-casting shows, but I think the director not having a say is odd...

And also agree with your comments about Spacey - very fine actor, but I think he needs some sweeter grapes...
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re: Dreaming of a problem like Nancy?#2
Posted: 4/1/08 at 11:07am
I agree with you, though not about Zoe. I don't think she added anything at all. I found her comments inconsistent throughout, she picked and chose when and who to criticise, which i thought was ridiculous. At least Barrowman and Denise tend to stick to their guns, either way.
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re: Dreaming of a problem like Nancy?#3
Posted: 4/1/08 at 2:46pm
I do think Kevin Spacey is right in that I'd Do Anything, etc are 12-week prime-time adverts for one particular show. Having said that, his comments are hardly new. This criticism has been around since How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria - it's only being rehashed because it's a celebrity that's making the comments. I love these shows, and I think it's sour grapes on Kevin Spacey's part because someone else thought of this format first. And clearly they're also what the public want, otherwise we wouldn't be into the third season.

I actually disliked Zoe on the panel - she was too rude too often for my taste. I also think that, as the vocal coach, she was too close to the contestants to make impartial comments. Just a thought: She made it quite clear she preferred the Josephs to the Marias, so maybe that's why they didn't ask her to be involved for another set of female contestants?
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re: Dreaming of a problem like Nancy?#4
Posted: 4/4/08 at 7:01pm
I thought Zoe was too mean on the panel as well. She gave criticism of course, but it was never constructive. It was either, 'that was Crap' or 'that was Fabulous' and nothing more. Lat week the judges came across as too scared to give a negative response to everyone's performance. Either everyone on the panel is super-friendly or they were just scared to give bad comments on the first week of the show! Tomorrow will tell...
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re: Dreaming of a problem like Nancy?#5
Posted: 4/6/08 at 11:45am
On the point of the attention drawn to one big show by these series, the huge demand for tickets to such productions generated is mostly people who would not usually bother going to see the shows on the West End anyway. The audience is being drawn in from outside theatre-going circles, not away from other shows. The publicity will, in the long run, just create greater demand for the West End as a whole, focused more on the shows in question. However, it may damage the already frail smaller theatres and playhouses in particular.
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re: Dreaming of a problem like Nancy?#6
Posted: 4/8/08 at 4:30am
I agree entirely with that. When they turn up and see the show, the chances of them coming back, or at least a % of them coming back, to see another show is higher. Especially if they see another show advertised in the programme or nearby.

Although I understand the complaints against these TV shows from out of work, new starter or trained 'professionals' but I think it is fair to say that for the first time in ages theatre is reaching out beyond the footlights to appeal to people who aren't traditionally theatre-going people. And, in the words of Barry Norman, why not!

Who knows they might actually go to something Spaced Kevin is doing as well!

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re: Dreaming of a problem like Nancy?#7
Posted: 4/9/08 at 2:43am
Barry Humphreys (sp?) was a charicature. He seees nothing of interest and just seems to leer at all the contestants like a dirty old man. I don't think he has made a single constructively critical comment in the whole series so far.
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re: Dreaming of a problem like Nancy?#8
Posted: 4/9/08 at 4:03am
A young actress with Noel coward after a dreadful opening night performance said to him 'Well, i knew my lines backwards this morning!'' Noels fast reply was ''Yes dear, and thats exactly how you said them tonight'!'
Bruce Memblagh!
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re: Dreaming of a problem like Nancy?#9
Posted: 4/9/08 at 8:22am
Humprhies is pointless but inoffensive at least unlike that dire Zoe from last time who seemed to make the show about her and an excuse to grind an axe with only rarely constructive criticism. At least she got booted.

I really don't care who gets Nancy to be honest at the moment so they might as well pick her at random. The boys doing Electricity last Sat was not good at all. They looked cute, sweet and all that nonsense, but it was all over the place and painful to listen to.

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re: Dreaming of a problem like Nancy?#10
Posted: 4/9/08 at 1:22pm
I'm enjoying the tv show for the entertainment that it is but I'm not a great fan of Oliver as a musical so I won't be booking.
I am also a bit tired of this bowing to the Phantom music: it just makes the three judges look like pratts to be honest and the joke wore thin early last series.

And Barry H needs to stop the drooling: the way he shifts in his seat when talking, I am not convinced he is drooling just from his jaws!

It's still a shame there are not many musical songs (except the sing off). At least we get some on American Idol in a couple weeks where they sing ALW's music - so it's marginally better than nothing.
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re: Dreaming of a problem like Nancy?#11
Posted: 4/9/08 at 4:16pm
Maybe we could use this thread (the title is really smart) for the TV show and the "Oliver 2008" thread for the actual production?