Chicago London 10th Anniversary Cast

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Chicago London 10th Anniversary Cast#1
Posted: 11/12/07 at 10:16pm
Apart from Ruthie, Ute, Henry & Nigel,

Roxies: Anita-Louise Combe, Jennifer Ellison, Josefina Gabrielle, Jill Halfpenny, Linzi Hateley, Bonnie Langford, Aoife Mulholland, Frances Ruffelle, Claire Sweeney and Denise Van Outen
Velmas: Anna Jane Casey, Pia Douwes, Annette McLaughlin, Caroline O'Connor, Amra-Faye Wright and Leigh Zimmerman
Billys: Darius Danesh, Tony Hadley, Duncan James, Ian Kelsey and Terence Maynard
Amos: Paul Baker, Paul Rider and Paul Leonard
Mamas: Brenda Edwards, Sue Kelvin, Kelly Osbourne and Gaby Roslin

Roxie: A good list. I wish Chita, Frederike, Rebecca or even Brooke can make it!
Velmas: I am really happy with the Velmas! Can't wait!
Billys: What happened there?! No Kevin Richardson?! He's one of the best Billys I've seen AND he's a Celeb. Ok he's American, so equity problem, wtever... but NO CLARKE PETERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is just PATHETIC! I'm sorry! I'm really angry cuz the Billy list isn't great and Clarke is simply THE BEST Billy! Maybe even John Barrowman....
Amos: They don't have Clive Rowe or Barry James which is a HUGE shame cuz they're GREAT Amos BUT they DO have Paul Baker who is my fav. alongside with Clive so that's ok.
Mamas: What happened there?!?!?!?! I actually thought they couldve gotten Anita Dobson back! I wish Zee, Donna H, Sharon Clarke will be there. They can't get us Lynda Carter (whom attended the Broadway celebration but she didn't do the Broadway production and she's not attending the London one!) but they have Kelly Osbourne! Woop d freakin do! I'm SO happy! If that Kelly girls sings a single note, I'm gona throw sth at her!

Don't take me wrong, I'm SUPER UBER excited about the event! And for Roxie/Velma I'm REALLY happy with the castings but the Mama/Billy/Amos is just... bad. I'm sorry I'm acting abit of a bitch... but I'm paying 75 pounds for Balcony seats and I don't even get to see Clarke Peters! but have Kelly Osbourne! Anyway... the OLC is worth the price alone though tongue.gif I just feel they can do better. And is the OLC ensemble doin sth as well? Are the past ensemble invited?? aww... I miss Zak/Amy/Richard ~
Is it JUST me but the cast seems to be better for the Broadway celebration than the London one!

With Caroline doin the celebration, is it a hint that she'll be doin the London show? tongue.gif
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