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Porgy and Bess Question

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Porgy and Bess Question#1
Posted: 11/21/06 at 6:47am
Just saw the show over the weekend and really enjoyed it. It's beautiful sung and visually stunning. However, the plot seemed to have some pretty big holes in it. I know that Trevor Nunn adapted this version and trimmed off an hour, but I was curious to know what parts he trimmed from the original. At the risk of sounding ignorant, I'm not at all familiar with the original show, but I have a feeling some of the more important plot moments were lost in the adaption. I particularly felt there was a considerable gap with the relationship between Porgy and Bess- one minute he's letting her stay with him and the next minute they are completely enthralled with each other. Can anyone who is familiar with the original and has seen the new version let me know exactly what's missing?
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re: Porgy and Bess Question#1
Posted: 11/21/06 at 11:31am
I am told that Trevor Nunn last directed it as an Opera for the ENO (I think it was the ENO) some years ago.

I don't know the show too well, but this may provide the clues to what was missing when you saw it the other night.